Friday, September 26, 2014

Neutral Belcarra

I made another Sewaholic Belcarra.  This time as the pattern intended.  The fabric I chose is an op shop rayon.  It isn't in my preferred colours but it only cost $2 so a perfect way to test sizing.  This time I made the version with the shoulder pleats and make it to a size 6 as per previous versions.  

There really isn't a lot to say about this top except it is big everywhere.  Next time I will go down to at least a size 4, maybe even a size 2.  Once I perfect the sizing and fit, it will become my tnt for spring and summer.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cocoon In Red

My end of winter procurement visit to Cotura Fashions a couple of weeks back, netted 5 varied pieces of knit fabric, one of which was a lovely red piece of poly lycra sweater knit.  I envisaged for it a cocoon cardigan like Jalie 3353.  For one cardigan though, I could not justify the cost of a new pattern and if I am completely honest I was not 100% sold on the actual shape either.  I decided to Frankenpattern another Jalie to get the desired shape.

I started with Jalie 3352 which is a recent make of mine.  I like the gentle shaping in this pattern and also that it has separate sleeves making it less of a fabric hog.  

I cut the front on the fold and removed 4cm from each side of the centre front.  I then split my front up the middle and reshaped the neckline to a gentle V, and the front hem also to a gentle curve.  I then cut two 12cm bands which I joined together forming one long band and placed the seams at both the shoulders and side hem seam allowances.  To keep with the band theme I also added bands to the sleeves.

I am really happy with how this worked out and if I can find some more suitable fabric I will definitely make another.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vogue DKNY Dress

I made yet another new dress.  This one has been patiently waiting for a year since I bought the fabric and pattern.  You may recognise the fabric!  After my failed dress which incidentally never got worn, and has since been shortened to a tee, I bought another length of the same fabric and with this dress in mind.  I am glad I finally got there because I really like this dress in this fabric.

The fabric is a stable rayon spandex with the feel of cotton.  The pattern I chose is yet another Vogue, Vogue 1194, a DKNY pattern.  I am quite partial to DKNY patterns.  This one is out of print now unfortunately.

I cut the dress to size 10 as per usual but feel I could have gone down to an 8.  It is a little more relaxed than the photo on the cover but still comfortable to wear.  The only change I made to the dress was to raise the V neck by 2.5cm as in it's original form it was not at all work friendly.

I hemmed both the sleeves and the skirt with my coverstitch machine because I am determined to come to grips with using it.  Now that I have a brand new sewing space, I have no such excuse as 'no place to use it'!

I would definitely make this again and may even do so in merino for next winter.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Play It Again Sam

Once again, using one of my recent aquisitions from Cotura Fashions, I made a new top.  My foundation for this top is NewLook 6648, which I have made previously four times.  This time though, I wanted a little less of a batwing effect.  Whether I  achieved it though, I am not sure.  To reduce the under arm bulk, I added 1.5cm to the shoulder seam at the cuff end tapering out to nothing at the neck.  I then removed the same amount at the cuff, tightening the curve under the arm and straightening the side seam.  I then shortened the sleeve and added a cuff.

I opted not to gather the hip band, instead cutting a piece of elastic to the gathered length and stretching while zig zagging to secure in place.  I did this to avoid the gathering stitching from breaking.

There is not a lot left to say abut this top that I haven't said before.  It will definitely be a useful addition to my spring wardrobe.

So why is there a 1.7 tonne  bronze bull sitting on top of that piano, I hear you ask?  Well this is one of a number of artworks that dot the city in the name of making our barren landscape a little more interesting.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Four Years On

I am not going to dwell too much on earthquakes in this post because for the large part I have moved on.  When a truck goes round the corner and rattles my office, I am still often reminded of this dreadful day and then again when I visit the CBD and see very little but shingle and weeds.  There are signs of recovery though.  The bright orange road cones are still abundant and the city's corporate uniform is in the form of hi-vis vests and hard hats but usually this scene now signals construction rather than destruction.

There has been a bit of construction going on at home as well.  After four years, our insurance claim has finally been settled and we can now move into renovation mode.  As part of the renovation, I have been lucky enough to get a dedicated sewing space for the first time ever.  Up until now, my sewing space has consisted of a Horn sewing cabinet in the corner of the bedroom.  The idea was good but my prolific and daily sewing meant the cabinet was never closed and looked quite untidy.  My new space takes up a wall in my laundry.  The cupboard above the table contains all of my notions and my cover stitch machine and iron are contained in the tall cupboard to the right.  Behind me is a long bench under which is the washing machine and dryer.  This will make a great cutting/work bench.  This room is still in its final stages of completion.  It has only been completed a week so is still a little sterile.  It has however been christened and I am pleased to report, it functions well.  My overlocker is commercial so actually lives in the garage with my fabric cupboard alongside.  My new space is now only a few steps away from my overlocker rather than the other end of the house.  I can now sew into the evening without disturbing anyone trying to sleep and best of all the lighting is fantastic.

As far as sewing goes this month, it doesn't actually appear that I have been very prolific but this was largely due to the huge effort that went into Courteney's year 13 formal dress and her partners waistcoat.  After such a large commitment I was a little sewing jaded and turned my attention to a little knitting.  Typically since it is spring my knitting project is still on the needles and unlikely to get worn before next autumn.

End Of August Round Up

Pink Jalie Hi Low Merino
Pattern $14.53
Fabric $5.00
Total $19.53

Grey Jalie Hi Low Merino
Fabric (leftover) $0.00
Pattern (used before) $0.00
Total $0.00

Tessuti Alexa Merino
Pattern (used before) $0.00
Fabric (leftover) $0.00
Total $0.00

Black Ponti Skirt
Pattern (used before) $0.00
Fabric $2.00
Elastic Wide $1.50
Total $3.50

Pink Cotton Sateen Shift
Pattern $10.95
Fabric $33.00
Zip $2.90
Muslin $2.00
Total $48.85

Total Me Made $71.88

Total RTW $59.95