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Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Freebie!

Prior to Christmas I placed an order with Style Arc Patterns and the Lu Lu Tunic was a freebie that came with it.  I liked the tunic styling, finding it very rtw in it's detailing and knew it would slot into my work wardrobe effortlessly.

I had a piece of cream crepe in my stash that I picked up from one of my op shop hauls and fortuitously it was the recommended fabric for this make.  I do like the fact that Style Arc send a little swatch of suitable fabric with their patterns.  I am not very good at recognising fabrics by name but feel is a whole different matter!

I ordered a size 8 pattern after much deliberation.  I looked at the finished measurements of a 10 and found it contained a lot of ease.  Despite normally buying a rtw AU/NZ size 10, I threw caution to the wind and ordered the size 8.  I am pleased I did because the fit is perfect.

Because this is my very first version, I made it as per the pattern.  I was going to remove the horizontal pleat at the front but left it on a whim.  I may remove it in future versions.  The neckband I attached as per the instructions but found it quite fiddly and time consuming so opted to stitch and overlock the sleeve bands on rather than turn and slip stitch.  You don't notice the difference when it is worn so if I made it again, I would treat the neck in the same manor.   I did go to quite a bit of effort making the loop for the back button loop closing and subsequently found out I can pull it over my head easily without it so would not bother making an opening in any future version.

My verdit on this top is that it is a very nice go to work top and I am please I made it up.  

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Take Two

There is a train of thought that says, if it ain't broke don't fix it but I also subscribe to the idea that if you have an itch, it ain't going away until you itch it.  The Tessuti Alexa tee was one such itch.  It has been in my shopping cart for about a month now, on and off.   Not that I thought there is anything to object to with my Sewaholic Renfrew pattern, but I felt it was time for a change.  I wanted a bandless tee, more like rtw and could have drafted my own but time is money peeps and I really didn't have the inclination to waste valuable sewing time drafting my own pattern.....enter the Alexa tee.  What I like about this tee, is the bigger arm openings.  Yes, in this picture, there are smile lines under one arm but ususally when worn, these don't happen.  It is just my luck that after a full day's wear that they appeared when this photo was taken.

The fabric I chose was some beautiful merino lycra that I picked up at a Lane Walker Rudkin receivership sale.  My only regret is that I only bought one metre but even at $15 per metre, I just couldn't justify adding any more to my stash.

What did I change about this pattern....well absolutely nothing!  In my opinion, it is about perfect as it is.

While we are on the subject of indie patterns, I had to add a little part to this post on my new running leggings.  Because it was getting cold, I decided that my short running leggings weren't cutting it.  I had some lovely brushed wool lycra in my stash which was just begging to become leggings.  I used Style Arc Laura Leggings.  I changed nothing about this pattern and ended up with a very wearable, warm and comfortable pair of leggings for running.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Leggings are not Pants/MMM12 - Day 30

I have really struggled with the whole leggings trend.  After wearing leggings through two pregnancies I really can't face wearing them again.  My one concession is to wear them with skirts or dresses, when I would otherwise be wearing tights.  When I read in a magazine that slim pull on pants are now replacing leggings, I couldn't have been more delighted and was only too pleased to jump on the current bandwagon.  Finding the two way stretch ponti was easy enough and I managed to pick up a couple of metres on the sale table for $6 per metre at Fabric Vision.  My next challenge was to draft a pattern.  I really wanted to differentiate these from leggings but not make them look like skinny jeans either.  I based my pattern on the Style Arc Laura Leggings pattern but added side seams and added 1cm to the width on each piece.  I then top stitched the outer leg seams and added a waistband and elastic.

I now have a pair of pants that are comfortable like leggings that don't show every lump and bump and can be worn with shorter tops.  Best of all, these pants are as comfortable as my favourite trackies.  Who ever said that you had to sacrifice comfort for style!

These new ponti pants are one of my me made items for today.  I am wearing them with the puffed sleeve tee made using Butterick 5562 and wrote about here and a scarf knitted using feathers.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Legs 11

I have had Style Arc's Laura Legging pattern sitting in my collection unused since last winter.  With legging weather fast approaching, I was quite keen to try these out.  Now, I have nothing against rtw leggings, I thought it could come in handy to be able to make my own when a gorgeous piece of fabric caught my eye.  This fabric does not quite make it to the gorgeous stakes, but it is a nice quality cotton Lycra.  It is basically grey with a fine blue stripe.  It was only $8 per metre so the perfect fabric to trial my leggings pattern on. 

When I measured the Style Arc pattern on my ready to wear leggings, I had my doubts about this pattern but on completion, I have to say, I am a complete convert.  The only change I made was to shorten the length and I made the elastic a bit tighter around the midriff to match the rtw version but otherwise, what you see is what you get.  These leggings are high waisted which wouldn't have been my first choice and conjures up images of granny pants but in reality is fantastic as it turns out.... there is nothing worse than spending the day hitching up your leggings.   These leggings are extremely comfortable, even more so than rtw versions, and I didn't think that was at all possible, so you could say I am a convert.  I am sure this pattern will get a lot more use when I come across cute knit fabrics.