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Carolyn Pyjamas, An Exercise in Recycling and Stash Busting

Before I left for USA, I made myself some new pyjamas.  I had been meaning to do this for quite some time, but it took an overseas holiday to make it happen.   My summer pyjama situation was quite dire, think chain store knit pants with wonky side seams in cheap washed out fabric.  In other words, not the sort of pyjamas I would ever want to be seen in.

I had been coveting Closet Case Carolyn Pyjamas since they were released, but knew I would never make the top.  I was quite reluctant to spend quite a chunk of money on a pair of rather basic pants that really, I could probably have drafted myself.  Being time poor though, in the end I just hit buy now and I have to say I am pleased I did. For my first pair, I dug out a lovely piece of Italian cotton shirting that I bought online to make an actual shirt for my husband but decided when it arrived that it was too busy.  It sat in my cupboard for several years until I had the bright idea to turn it into pyjama pants.  For the top, I found a…

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