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Stylearc Winona Knit Top Times Two

If you have been reading along here for a while, you will have realised that when I find something I like, I find it very difficult to stop at just one and Stylearc Winona is no exception. 

 I bought this pattern when it first came out and picked up the perfect piece of rayon knit at Cotura Fashions summer sale with this top in mind.  The eyelets and punch I ordered separately from Aliexpress and this slowed the whole project up for quite a while while I waited for shipping.  In reality this took no more than two weeks but as they say, watched pots never boil!

Anyho, after I had all of my bits and pieces I whipped up my navy version which you may have seen on Instagram and in my jeans post.  I bought the printed version of the pattern in a size 10 and graded at the hip to what I assumed would be a 12.  The fit, on this one is about perfect and I love the resulting top.  I did find adding the eyelets somewhat of a nerve wracking exercise.  I made sure to do a couple of practice eyelets b…

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