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End of November Wrap Up

It is midway through December and I have just discovered that I have completely forgotten my November wrap up.  Some of you may find this kind of post uninteresting but I am very much a numbers person and this helps me see how much each of the items I make cost me in both time and financial resources.  
For me sewing is a means of escape from those more mundane things in life and the resulting outcome gives me a huge sense of satisfaction but this is also tinged with a sense of guilt sometimes at the resources I may be using needlessly and the impact of our consumption on the planet.  This is also a driver in the continuation of these posts.  My Style app on my phone also helps here and coming up to a year using it, I am finding out some really interesting information about the clothes I make and how they integrate into my wardrobe, but more about that at the end of next week when my actual year using it has rolled over.
End of November Wrap Up
Anima Merino Trackpants Pattern (used before…

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