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A Scrap Busting Knitting Project

  I have extended my current scrap busting exercise to include knitting wool.  I don't actually have a stash of knitting wool but do have quite a bit of leftover wool from previous projects.  This in most part was a ball or two in each colour. I did a bit of research on Ravelry and found Stripes by Drea Renee Knits which is knitted top down and is described as a "blank canvas".  I made a little plan of the colours and order I wanted to use them and then crossed my fingers that I would have enough wool. This was pretty quick to make because it is just stocking stitch.  I think my nervousness about the quantities I had for each colour may have contributed to the speed at which I made this pullover.  Just to be safe though, I used two different blacks; one being a wool crepe. I am really pleased with how this jumper turned out.  It did end up being a little prickly so I gave it a wash with some wool wash before wearing it and have worn it here with a long sleeve tee undernea

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