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New Favourites

I think I may be able to make Ginger jeans now with my eyes closed I have made that many pairs!  Despite skinny jeans falling from fashion grace of late, I do find them extremely cosy in the winter so I am not about to ditch mine in the name of fashion just yet.  Another thing I really like in the winter is merino and in fact, wool in general, as long as it doesn't itch.  So if you marry wool and jeans, you have a match made in fashion heaven if you ask me!  My latest pair of Ginger's are made of exactly that and I think they are my new favourites.

The fabric I bought at Spotlight when I was in there shopping for something else all together.  As destashing is  my new fabric mantra, I wasn't about to consign this new fabric to my stash.  I needed to make these up stat!  Because I bought 3 metres of the fabric I had high hopes of being able to make two pairs but alas my fabric was quite narrow and I only had enough for one and a bit.  A bit is not a lot of use really so inste…

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