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1970's Inspired Skirt

My Mum has a  friend who when she found out I sewed, gifted me a lovely piece of wool crepe.  It was a generous sized piece of fabric and at the time, my mother remarked to her friend that I would probably make a jumpsuit from it.  I must say I did entertain the idea, because how cozy would that be for the winter?  I love the idea of jumpsuits but they tend to be some of the less worn items in my wardrobe and  I didn't want to walk around looking like I had escaped from prison. This lovely and I suspect vintage fabric deserved to be treated with a little more respect.   This lady has just celebrated her 90th birthday so this fabric may well have been bought in the 1970's  I thought, why not make myself a 1970's inspired skirt.  I remember my Mum wearing lots of A line skirts in the 1970's.

I have had New Look 6346 sitting in my pattern collection for a couple of years now.  I must have bought it in an online sale.  Like a lot of my good ideas, they often take quite some…

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