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Marc Jacobs in the Wild

Courteney has been coat making again and this time I was completely envious of the results.  Is coat envy even a thing, because I had a very bad case of it!
She bought the fabric at the end of winter sale at The Fabric Store in 2015 on a very cold and snowy day .  She didn't actually get round to making it up last winter.  She also wasn't too sure what she wanted to make it up in.  Grainline Cascade ended up being the pattern of choice because of the difficulty matching up the pattern on this very heavy Marc Jacobs wool plaid.  Even at sale prices, it was also quite expensive so she didn't want to mess it up (you can see what Marc Jacobs did with it here and here.

After gathering all of her supplies and printing out a size 8 pattern because she needed the extra room across the shoulders especially to accommodate layer, Courteney set to work.  Last time she chose to make her toggle bits and pieces but this time round, she discovered it was actually more cost effective to orde…

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