Saturday, May 28, 2016

Casual Comfort

My latest pair of pants may not be my most technically challenging but it does fill a need in my wardrobe.   Elastic waisted 'trackies' are my pants of choice when sewing, combined with a tee shirt.  Fitting is never my favourite part of any project but when the clothes I am removing are simple and comfortable it certainly makes the job more bearable.

 The fabric for my latest pair of Papercut Anima pants was purchased online from Backstreet Bargains.  It is a lovely weight sweatshirting but for some reason it has very little to no stretch.  For this reason they are a little more snug than I would like.   I didn't have any matching ribbing so chose to use some navy blue ribbing for the waistband from my stash.  I also had a rather large roll of navy cording and this and a couple of silver coloured cord ends also sourced from my stash were used to finish the pants.

Both my navy and black Anima pants have had tons of wear and are now looking a little washed out so it is nice to have a tidier pair even if they are only worn at home.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gaptastic Cowl

You know you are a long way behind with your blogging when the project you are writing about was completed eight months ago!  Actually there is a little more to it than that!  You see when I was planning my trip to USA in August, I wanted a project to take with me to fill those idol moments.  It had to be simple and able to be picked up and put down at a moments notice and it also had to be packable (thinking small here). 

The Gaptastic Cowl had appealed to me for quite a few winters now and I had picked up the perfect acrylic knit in black in the perfect weight some time previously in a sale.  I like acrylic for scarves because it is both light weight and soft.  The only other thing I would use acrylic for is beanies. With great plans, I assembled my materials and flew out for my trip.

I think my knitting was pulled out once during the whole trip!  Firstly at 40 degrees plus celcius, despite aircon, knitting is the last thing I could get my head around.  Secondly, there really was no downtime!  So my knitting came home largely untouched.  I did finish it though, but by this time we were well and truly into spring and writing about a winter project in spring just didn't seem appealing.  

Fast forward until now, and I am ready to wear said scarf!  After highs of 26 degrees a week or so ago, we have been plunged into winter well and truly this week and this has seen my scrambling for anything with any warmth.  Yesterday I even packed up my summer dresses and unpacked my winter coats.

This cowl was an easy and satisfying make.  I think it will get a lot of wear over the winter months and the pattern is one I will probably use again.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thoughts on McCall's 7254

Isn't if funny how you can have a run of very successful garments and then just like that a couple of meh garments?  That is exactly how I feel about my latest jacket/cardigan.  Not that there is really anything wrong with it but it just feels a bit off on me.

The pattern I used was McCall's 7254 and I made it up using some lovely weight rugby knit with a soft fluffy finish that was an op shop find.  

I finished the jacket a month ago now but because the weather has been too warm for it and because I am not loving it, it has been largely unworn in that time. I may reuse this pattern at some point but it won't be for this view.

I have mentioned before that I don't like waste, so aside from the time and money spent on projects that are less than stellar, I also have a problem with throw away fashion so unless this gets worn it will be donated to the local Nurse Maude shop or recycled.  The jeans I am wearing in this post are quite the opposite of fast fashion and were made last year.  That was not so long ago I hear you say!  These Ginger jeans however have been worn to death literally and now the zip is pulled up with a piece of bungy elastic but I still refuse to get rid of them because they are my favourites.  I may have to pension them off though before I end up with an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Stylearc Ginger

I bought Stylearc Ginger because I am loving these wrap looking tops at the moment and this one being in a knit was a clear winner.  I may have lived to regret my decision however when I began to make this pattern up!  There is nothing wrong with it but the instructions really let it down and I may have lost some hair in the process of trying to nut out how the fronts went together.  It is a good thing then that I opted to make this out of some leftover fabric.

The fabric is a remnant of rayon knit leftover from this dress.  It is quite drapey which lends itself to a wrap top but I am not loving the results.  I am not sure whether I just interpreted the instructions wrong, but the seam at the front annoys me and the drape does not sit where it should.  That being said, I do like the cut of the top so will wear it but I am kind of on the fence about making more.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Stylearc Elle Version 4

Although I have only written about three pairs of Elle pants, this
pair makes version four.  Between my mustard pair and this pair I also made a pair for Courteney who bikes from her flat to Uni every day and finds that her pants wear quite quickly.  These being elastic waisted are also I imagine quite comfortable for biking.

Just like my last pair, I added 1cm to each side seam and 1cm also to the back rise.  The fabric was bought with my bengaline haul from Backstreet Bargains. Although they were sourced from the same place at the same time, there are quite big differences in stretch and feel between the bengalines and this pair I feel have the most stretch.  For this reason they tend to end up in creases but I am not too bothered because they are only for work and are really comfortable to wear.  Backstreet Bargains called the colour charcoal grey but these are so close to black that unless you put it beside black you would think they were black.  For this reason I haven't even bothered making up the black bengaline.

I think I will retire this pattern for a while now because I have enough pairs to see me through the winter but rest assured it will be back!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

End of April Round Up

I have been putting off writing up this post all week and am not really sure whether I want to write it at all.  I am a very private person so over sharing on the internet is something that I am not comfortable with.  I have however got to know quite a few bloggers since beginning this blog hence my decision to share a small part of what goes on behind the scenes.  It is a good thing I am not a superstitious person either because as I typed this, a sizeable earthquake came through.  Anyho, I am very late with my end of April round up because my father passed away last week after a short illness.  Despite knowing that his time was relatively near, the rug was still very much pulled out from under my feet.  My father lived locally so played a huge role in our lives.  He was an incredibly clever and creative person and has helped us immensely over the years with renovations to our house and passing along his knowledge along the way.  If ever I had an issue, he was my first port of call. Despite my mother also having a creative gene, my father is the person that I credit my creativity, determination and drive to.  I hope I do as good a job passing down my knowledge to my own children.  Writing about sewing clothes seems quite superficial at this time but I hope that in doing so I also get to honour his memory and the can do attitude he has passed on to me.

End of April Round Up

Floral Vogue 1247
Pattern (used before) $0.00
Fabric $13.00
Lining $2.00
Zip (from stash) $0.00
Button (from stash) $0.00
Total $15.00

Stylearc Taylor Knit Skirt
Pattern $10.00
Fabric $11.64
Elastic (from stash) $0.00
Total $21.64

Olive Papercut Anima Pants
Fabric $15.00
Elastic $2.25
Pattern (used before) $0.00
Total $17.25

Stylearc Maddison Top
Pattern $13.75
Fabric $6.00
Total $19.75

Undercover Hoodie
Fabric $18.00
Pattern $17.00
Ribbing $6.00
Total $41.00

Total Me Made $114.64

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Out and About Undercover Hoodie

I made a new hoodie.  I usually make a new one each year and this year is no exception.  This time however, I didn't use Jalie 2795, but invested in a new pattern.  I did have to think long and hard about buying a new pattern especially given it is quite a simple style and I could have drafted up something from what I already have, but time being a scarce resource these days, I decided to buy a new one.  I am really happy with my Papercut Anima pattern so Papercut was an easy go to choice.  I bought Papercut Undercover Hoodie in PDF format despite Papercut being a New Zealand company and postage in theory being quite quick because I really couldn't be bothered either driving across town to pick up a copy at The Fabric Store or waiting for postage plus the PDF version is slightly cheaper.

The fabric I chose was an online purchase which I bought from Backstreet Bargains via Trademe.  Buying sight unseen is a slight gamble and although this fabric is lovely quality, the small downside is the lack of stretch.  I have never come across a sweatshirting that has no stretch before but you learn something new every day.  For this reason the resulting sweatshirt is a little more snug than I would like through the hips but it is still comfortable to wear despite this.  I lined the hood with a piece of cotton interlock from my stash and for the cord, I stole an idea from one of my teenage sons hoodies and used a long shoe lace that was a spare that came with a pair of sneakers.  The bonus with this particular lace is the metallic bling which gives the boring grey sweatshirt a bit of bling.

Please do not look to closely at me in the top photo.  This is what I look like after I have climbed from the bottom of the Port Hills to the Summit Road.  I try to walk this track once a week.   My Fitbit tells me it is 150 floors so I do look a little the worse for wear with no makeup and a hoodie on a warm day....keeping it real!  This track is quite exposed so when the autumn wind does decide to bite, I will be nice and toasty in my new hoodie.