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Simplicity 8084 Shirtdress

Occasionally I step out of my comfort zone and the results not only surprise me but also open up a whole new world of possibilities.  This is a big statement, I know but this time it is true.  For my entire adult and even teenage life I always believed that a drawcord and even an elastic waist was not my friend due to my rather large hip proportions and relatively small waist.  For some reason though, I was prepared to throw caution to the wind and make Simplicity 8084, a Mimi G pattern. I think what drew me to the pattern was Mimi G herself who is also shaped similarly to myself.  If she could rock this style of dress, I reasoned, then I should be  able to as well.

I can't actually remember what size I cut this pattern to because this has been made up for close to a month, waiting on buttons to arrive from Aliexpress in China.  Buttons are ridiculously expensive here in New Zealand so several weeks of patience was a small price to pay for a bulk lot of black shirt buttons.  The fab…

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