Thursday, March 23, 2017

Stylearc Adeline

When Stylearc Adeline was released, it became very popular, very quickly  to the point that my blog roll became quite clogged with them for a while there. 
Even though, the style falls outside my normal comfort zone, I was immediately drawn to it because of the high low hem and the design of the bodice.  I had just the fabric in my stash as well.  The fabric is linen that I bought from Fabric Vision off their sale table last summer.  It is just a little heavier than shirting weight so options for dress styles were quite limited.  I was a little concerned though, that I could end up with a very red, boring sack.  It was Lara's version though that convinced me of what I needed to do.  I must admit, I have completely copied Lara here and topstitched my neck facing and hem facing in contrasting blue thread using the triple stitch on my sewing machine.  I also used the selvedge detail on my pockets.  I chose royal blue because of the fine royal blue thread that ran down the selvedge. 

I think the pocket detail and topstitching are my favourite things about this dress.  I wish I could have been a bit more original.  If you are reading this Lara, I hope you don't mind!

My new dress is a great addition to my early autumn wardrobe.  I just hope it gets a few more outings before the weather cools down much more.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sewing for my Mum

 For Christmas this year, I decided to make something for my Mum. I made several pairs of Stylearc Elle pants for her for the winter because she was struggling to find suitable trousers in a small enough size to fit her.  She wears a size 6 to 8 so is really tiny and usually it is only shops dedicated to teenagers that have sizes that run this small.  She doesn't wear shorts but does a lot of walking so I knew that capri style pants would be gratefully received and worn regularly to her weekly walking group.

I had some bengaline in my stash which was left over from a pair of trousers I made for Courteney last winter.  I used Stylearc Elle and had already bought this pattern in size 8. 

 I made these pants up in my size 8 pattern and didn't change the fit at all.  I measured the length on Joel who at 13 is the same height as his grandmother.  To add a bit of interest, I added jean style pockets to the back and a fake fly.

Mum was really pleased with her new pants and as predicted they have been worn a lot.  This afternoon she turned up wearing them so I coerced her into having her photo taken for the blog.

Monday, March 13, 2017

McCall's 6886 Modified

Today was a very good day to be a duck, so have the last 3 days for that matter!  It is also a good day to start wearing some of my autumn wardrobe. 

I have been pondering knit work tops for a while now.  I had high hopes for Simplicity 1366 but really this style of boxy top just doesn't work for me.  Because I have hips it just makes me look like a column.  Enter McCall's 6886.  I love the three dresses I made using this pattern and have already made my Mum a top using it as well.  I really must get a photo of it.  For Mum's top I pretty much kept to the original pattern because she has a very different shape to me but I wanted more of a loose slightly cropped style that I could wear with culottes.  

A recent 40% off sale at Spotlight unearthed this lovely white and black striped ponte knit.  I nearly didn't buy it because, well, more stripes but then I did buy it because, well, mores stripes!

I cut the top out pretty much to the pattern except for the side seams.  Once I had decided on my length and for the record, it is the same length as my much maligned Simplicity top, because this is one of the things I do like about it, I then added 1cm to each side seam at the hem and recut the side seam to a straight seam, ignoring the curve.  I hope that makes sense!

I really love the resulting top, so much so, that if I can find more suitable ponte, there will be more.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Simplicity 1366 Cami

I should be using my Sunday afternoon to do a bit of sewing but it is hard to get motivated to finish my winter shirt when it is nearly 30 degrees Celsius outside.  Instead I whipped outside in my new camisole made using Simplicity 1366 and  finally got photographs. Please excuse the pool hair!

You would not believe how happy this camisole makes me.  I bought this pattern originally to make the dropped shoulder top that has been so popular in blog land but the finished product left me cold.  There are things I like about it but not enough to fix the problems and revisit the pattern.  I had briefly considered buying a pattern but really wanted to give this pattern a go before I bought yet another pattern.

The fabric I chose is a lovely drapey remnant of rayon that was on the remnant table for $3.00 at Fabric Vision.  It was only a small piece so perfect for this pattern.  Even so, it was pattern tetras a bit to get the top out.  I had to put seams in my facings to get it to work.

I wasn't too sure about the fit in this pattern despite it being cut on the bias so I cut it 1cm wider in the side seams than required.  I am pleased I did because although I could have run it in, I really like the more relaxed fit the extra width gives.

I wore my new top for Callum's 18th birthday barbeque last Saturday because like today it was a lovely hot summers day.  Yes, I know technically it is now autumn but it is nice that summer is hanging around for a while longer.

If this style is still popular I wouldn't mind making this one up again because it is lovely to wear.  It will look good for the early autumn with a cardigan as well.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Modified Simplicity 4589

 Way back when I started this blog in 2011, I made up Simplicity 4589 but it never became a favourite because of the extra large neckline that caused it to fall off my shoulders.  I actually had the pattern in a pile to get rid of, but my desire for a peasant blouse cause me t think again.  I nearly bought True Bias Roscoe blouse but on further scrutiny decided that it was just a little voluminous for my 1.6m frame.  I decided to improve on what I already had.  My solution was to raise the neckline by the width of the neckband.  The process involved lengthening the front, back and sleeves at the neckline and redrawing the neckband 5cm inside the current neckline.  That is clear as mud right?

The fabric I chose for the new blouse is a lovely drapey rayon from Cotura Fashions end of summer sale last year.  I had 2 metres and the fabric isn't a fabric hos so I have enough for a second project.

I created a placket by cutting a facing and added a bias finish to the sleeves.  I found some perfectly matching beads for the ties in my stash to finish the blouse.

As much as I wanted to keep the finished blouse, this one has been gifted to Courteney.  I love it so much I may just have to replicate it.

It has been quite a few months since I finished it and I did take a photo of it on my mannequin at the time but have no idea what happened to it.  It then disappeared to her flat never to be seen again until last week.  She turned up at home wearing it, so despite a few wrinkles from wear, I grabbed my camera before she and the blouse disappeared again.  So please excuse the wrinkles.  I am just keeping it real.

End Of February Wrap Up

I have such a backlog of posts to write up, it really is getting ridiculous.  Partially this is due to my precious me time being taken up by sewing rather than writing and also because I have been so tired lately that after work I really have no energy to do anything other than blob on the couch.  

Because it is autumn now and the weather is telling me it is still summer, I don't yet have the motivation to do much about my autumn wardrobe.  So. rather than sew up things I feel rather "meh" about, and believe me that is exactly what will happen if I just plough on blindly, I will take some time out and play catch up this month.  

There has been quite a bit of fabric purchasing this month.  I think my fabric purchasing is currently well outstripping my need and time to make and I really need to work on reining this in as well.

I have a new App on my phone.  It is called Stylebook.  Since Christmas I have been logging on a calendar what I wear each day and am rewarded with stats that tell me what I wear the most/least and what is the best/worst value per wear.  It really is a clever little app and is proving invaluable with my wardrobe planning.  It is hardly surprising that my Havaiannas  were my most worn item over summer.  I really didn't need an app to tell me that.  The most worn garment however, was my Sophie Bikini followed by my Sophie Tankini.  It will be interesting to see with a new season, how this evolves.

End of February Wrap Up

Sophie Tankini
Fabric $15.30
Pattern (used before) $0.00
Lining $9.00
Underwires $0.00
Elastic $6.00
Foam/Channeling $15.30
Total $45.60

Linen Sundress
Pattern $20.00
Fabric $12.00
Lining $3.50
Total $35.50

Striped Mixed Fabric Top
Pattern (used before) $0.00
Fabric (remnant) $0.00
Total $0.00

Bra and Undies Set
Bra Pattern $18.61
Undies Pattern (used before) $0.00
Fabric $0.00
Swim Foam $15.30
Channeling $15.30
FOE $3.00
Lace (reused) $0.00
Underwires(reused) $0.00
Total $52.21

Liberty Sky Top
Pattern $10.00
Fabric $20.00
Button (reused) $0.00
Total $30.00

Total Me Mades $163.31

Monday, February 27, 2017

Stylearc Skye Top in Liberty Poplin

I was in The Fabric Store recently and while I was waiting at the checkout, I had a little rummage in their remnant basket.  I came across a piece of Liberty poplin the the print Matchsticks.  It was knocked down to the point it would be a crime to leave it behind.

I have been keen to try out Stylearc Skye for a while now after seeing quite a few lovely versions pop up on both Insta and my blog roll.

Because I didn't want to potentially waste my lovely Liberty fabric, I took the measure twice cut once saying to the extreme and took extra care with my pattern measurements.   I actually ended up adding an extra 5cm to the length and 1.5cm to each side.  I found this pattern to run really small.  In lengthening the top I managed to somehow mess up the length and added to the front and not the back and in addition also mucked up the hem curve.  In the process I learnt not to try and carry on a conversation while measuring!  My only solution to the problem was to hack the entire bottom off  and add a new piece.  Fortunately it is in a busy print and unless you look closely you will never notice.

I love the shape of the top and it does look lovely with my olive culottes but despite having a button closure at the neck, it is just about impossible to get off.  I have ripped the stitching under the arms a couple of times now.  For that reason, I will not make this one up again.