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Shell Tops, An Exercise in Pattern Drafting

In the last school term of 2017, I took a pattern drafting course at night school.  While it was great for meeting other like minded people in my city, I did find that the content came back to me quite quickly.  I had taken a similar course through the local polytechnic during my teenage years but had never really done anything with it.  This time I was determined to put my knowledge to use.

I purchased Winifred Aldridge, Pattern Cutting For Women's Wear, an awl and a notcher and set to work.  I already had a drafting square and various shapers from my long ago course.  Winifred Aldridge's book was the book used for my original course and I was quite surprised to learn that this book is still used in the course I have just completed.  It is however a much updated version.  So, the first thing I did was to read the book cover to cover.

For my first pattern, I envisaged a shell top that could be worn, tucked in, or over a skirt or pants.  I wanted a v neck that was office appropri…

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