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Ginger Gingers

I happened to be in Lincraft buying a zip and they were having a 50% off fabric sale.  Now, I don't usually buy fabric from Lincraft but when I found coloured denim with a slight stretch, I made an exception.  The lure of coloured denim was just a little too much to resist.  After all, the denim I found was stretch, but not too stretchy and of quite a heavy weight.  How could I go wrong I mused?  Time will tell on that front.  I left that shop with 3 pieces in 3 different colours.
The first piece is this lovely mustard colour that I really wanted to trial a pair of high waisted Ginger Jeans with.  Notice I said trial?  While I haven't made the high waisted version before, I have made enough low rise one's to have a pretty good idea as to how these fit and the alterations I needed to make. 

I cut a size 12 like my measurements indicated I should and added a knock knee adjustment and a scoop crotch like my low rise version and then really just went for it.  As a few others had…

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