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Take The Plunge Swimsuit

A few of my handmade swimsuits are starting to show signs of wear.  They tend to get a lot of wear but for the most part I am reluctant to part with them.  They are okay for swimming at home, but in public the inevitable fading and popped stitches just don't cut it.  

This year I decided I wanted to make a one piece.  I am not normally a fan but for tummy covering properties in public they are great.  They also cover more skin which means less sunscreen application which I am all for.

The week before Christmas I downloaded Patterns For Pirates, Take The Plunge Swimsuit.  Patterns For Pirates are a new to me company so this suit was a bit of a risk.  For this reason, I chose a sacrificial piece of fabric.  It has been in my stash for quite a few years and while I liked it, I didn't love it.  I originally bought the fabric to make jammers for my son when he was competitively swimming.  I did make him a training suit using this fabric, and also a bikini for my daughter but there wa…

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