Burdastyle Jacket in Linen


I had this lovely piece of heavy weight linen sitting in my stash for a few years now.   I bought it originally to make pants but it became apparent that it would make a better jacket.  The only problem was what jacket to make!  I know blazers are very popular at the moment but I already have two that rarely see the light of day so I wanted something that was a little more casual.

As I often do when lacking inspiration, I pulled out my stack of Burdastyle magazines and came across, 118 from 10/2017.  What appealed to me was the colour which is a little different with its pleats and large colours are popular at the moment.  It looked slightly boxy without swamping my small frame.  I was sold!

This jacket as drafted, is lined but I find synthetic lining doesn't breathe very well in spring and summer so I opted to line mine with a printed rayon that I picked up at Spotlight on clearance.

After my initial try on, I had to run the jacket in quite significantly at the side seams and narrow the shoulders as well.  I had limited fabric so mine does not have the waist or sleeve bands.   I opted to just lengthen the jacket to take it into account.

To finish the jacket, I found the perfect wooden buttons in my stash, which had been bought from Aliexpress well before COVID.  All up the entire jacket including the pattern was made from stash which I am pretty happy about.  These days my stash is getting to far more manageable levels and reducing it is something I am continuing to work on.

I am really pleased with the finished jacket and know it will see a ton of use for many spring and summers to come.


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