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Shirred Heron Shirt

  Making a Heron Shirt by The Sewing Revival with a shirred neckline and wrists has been something I have been wanting to try since seeing  this done by a staff member in my local sewing store a while ago.  I popped it to the back of my mind as one of those things I wanted to try and it wasn't until I bought some crinkle chiffon from Fabric Vision that I decided to actually give it a go.  This chiffon has been sitting in my stash for well over a year, so it was time it was used and since it was a sale table bargain, I didn't mind risking failure. Because my previous Heron Shirts were made using the dress version and simply shortening, I decided to buy the actual shirt pattern  after consulting with the designer and finding out there are actual differences between the two.  From memory the neckline is higher on the shirt than the dress, but don't quote me on that! As per my usual treatment of chiffon I gave it a bath in gelatin to stiffen it enough to work with.  You can rea

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