Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kitschy Coo in Blue

You may have seen this dress earlier in the week as part of Me Made May.  It is of course the very popular Lady Skater by Kitschy Coo.  After making two very successful versions for Courteney last year, I had every intention of making one for myself.  My first version was somewhat of a disaster because the fabric did not have enough recovery so I was waiting on the right weight and drape of fabric to wind up in my stash before attempting one for myself.

The fabric I chose is a synthetic jersey knit that I picked up at Cotura Fashions.  It has a very nice weight and drape but as I was to find out, also has quite bad static cling which I will need to resolve with a decent slip.  

I cut the dress to a size 3 which is the same size I made for Courteney.  My measurements put me between a size 3 and 4 but after trying Courteney's version, I was reasonably confident that size 3 would be a comfortable enough fit.  Unlike Courteney's dress however, I chose not to shorten it.  I did remove 1cm from the bodice length because I felt it sat on my hips a little too much.  

I really like the way this turned out, and I will definitely be on the lookout for more suitable fabric for another version.  I find this type of dress a great easy care option for work.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Me Made May 2014, Week Three

Day 17

16 degrees celcius, although much cooler while watching my son play rugby first thing this morning.  Wearing a me made hand knitted jumper. 

Day 18

18 degrees celcius.  A day at home.  Wearing Tessuti Lola tee modified to include long sleeves

Day 19

17 degrees celcius.  Work wearing New Look 6071.

Day 20

21 degrees celcius.  Work - wearing Lady Skater by Kitschy coo.

Day 21

19 degrees celcius.   Work wearing Sewaholic Alma and Vogue 1247 modified.

Day 22

14 degrees celcius - Work.  Wearing Vogue 1250, modified to include sleeves and me made wool cotton cardigan.

Day 23

21 degrees celcius. Work (casual Friday) wearing Sewaholic Cordova and Burdastyle 4/2013.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Jacket Brigade

It all started with a paper round that very soon we will no longer have, and a ridiculously wet March and April.  Callum was struggling to stay dry while delivering his papers so Courteney suggested she could make a raincoat using some of my extensive Goretex stash.  We downloaded a men's jacket pattern using Callum's measurements off the Lekala site.  It quickly became apparent however, that this pattern was completely unsuitable due to sleeve width and overall cut so we quickly discarded it in favour of the much used Jalie 2795 Jacket pattern.

Courteney had the for sight to redraft the pattern onto paper which turned out to be quite fortuitous.  She left off as many seams as possible to avoid compromising the waterproof properties of the fabric.  She then added a front placket to cover the zip.   Zips were also added to the pockets behind the pocket plackets.  The resulting jacket is a perfect fit and a fantastic weight to scrunch into a back pack.

Fast forward a week or two to a football (soccer) match Courteney played in a cyclone.  Doesn't everybody do that?  It was an unpleasant experience for players and spectators alike.  It certainly wasn't a day for inadequate raincoats and this was exactly what her boyfriend was wearing.  The game was no sooner over and she set to work with my stash once again and her fortuitously made pattern.  She up sized it some more to fit her tall friend and started work on version two.  This time she used laminated Goretex which required lining.

I had picked up some mesh lining for $2 at the op shop which proved perfect for the lining of the body of the jacket.    There were a couple of improvements on version two. Courteney added eyelets and bungy cords to the hood and a zip to enable it to be removed. She then added zipper pull tags to the zips.  Her own Kathmandu jacket was her guide as to what she wanted to achieve.  Instead of elasticated cuffs in this version she used tabs and velcro. 

Courteney is extremely happy with the way this turned out and although her boyfriend has no idea of the work and technical difficulty involved, the fact that he wears it regularly speaks for itself.  

I took photos before Courteney gave it to M because I had an inkling that a photo of said jacket in situ was unlikely, and guess what?  I was right!

Now, you would think that by this point Courteney would be all rain coated out, and yes, to some degree you would be right, but young J was now making noises about one for himself.  You see, he considered it grossly unfair that he was wearing a handmedown inherited from his siblings and a handmedown he considered girly.

Young J picked some burgundy red unlaminated Goretex and wasn't concerned about a removeable hood, after all, isn't that the point of a raincoat?  This made the job considerably easier!  Once again Courteney added eyelets and bungy cord to the hood and rope pulls to the zippers.

Young J was more than happy to pose for a photograph in his new raincoat.  Long may it continue!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Me Made May 2014, Week Two

Day 10, 14 degrees celcius.  Football/soccer with my daughter (in background).  Wearing Sewaholic Minoru and modified Tessuti Lola Tee

Day 11, 15 degrees celcius - Shopping wearing New Look 6050

Day 12, 16 degrees celcius - work.  Wearing New Look 6071 in stretch lace.

Day 13, 13 degrees celcius (cold and wet) - work.  Wearing Burdastyle 2/2013 shirt and modified Vogue 1247 in wool. Also today I wore a wool coat but discarded it for the photo.

Day 14, 12 degrees celcius.  Work - wearing simplicity 4589 top and Vogue 1247 skirt plus hand knitted scarf.

Day 15, 14 degrees celcius - work.  Too cold to run outside for a photo so an inside shot today.  Wearing New Look 6071 dress.

Day 16, 14 degrees celcius - work (casual Friday).  Wearing New Look 6050.

Half way through the month and so far this is a doddle.  I haven't yet had any repeats but I am sure there will be before the month is over.  I haven't yet had to drag anything out of the deep recesses of my wardrobe.  These are all things I will happily wear on a daily basis.  I hope to get time to make a couple of additions before the month is out but it is ball season again so this is also taking up a fair chunk of sewing time.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Autumnal Pants

With all the rain of late, I found a gap in my wardrobe in the pants department.  I am well stocked for jeans but trousers are in short supply.

I bought this stretch cotton sateen to make summer capri length pants but time got away on me and now they have been made considerably longer for the cooler weather.  The colours I feel are more condusive to winter wear anyway.

Using my TNT Sewaholic Thurlow pattern, I extended the legs and included the back welt pockets.  Because the fabric is quite stretchy, I lined the waistband with leftover black non stretch cotton denim.  I also aded buttons and buttonholes to the back welt pockets to prevent gaping.

There really isn't a lot more to add that I haven't said before when it comes to this pattern.  I like the fit these pants produce so am not tempted to try another pattern.  I do feel though it may be time to mix it up a bit and add some different details to this pants pattern.

One thing I did find with this version in stretch cotton sateen, is they grew as the day progressed.  I don't have a huge problem with the looser fit though, because loose printing pants are the trend at the moment and a trend I haven't yet been game enough to try. Inadvertently I get the best of both worlds!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Me Made May 2014, Week One

Day 1, 16 deg celcius - Vogue 1247 skirt modified, Grainline Scout top.

Day 2, 15 deg - Wearing Lekala 4329, Sewaholic Thurlows and Kirsten Kimono Tee by Maria Denmark,  to the movies to see The Muppets on the last day of the school holidays.

Day 3, 21 degrees - watching my son play rugby in Burda Style 2/2013 and Jalie Jacket

Day 4, 16 degrees celcius.  Tessuti Boat Neck Tee.  Shopping and a family birthday party.  This photo is a little out of focus due to fading light and a very tired reluctant young photographer.

Day 5, 21 degrees celcius.  Wearing Vogue 1247 in denim and modified and Grainline Scout to work.

Day 6, 23 degrees celcius -  going to work.  Possibly the last of the real warm days before winter comes. Great washing drying day.  You can see the shadow on the wall behind me.  Wearing Sewaholic Thurlows and Grainline Scout Tee.

Day 7, 18 degrees celcius - work.  Wearing Vogue 8805 and carrying a self drafted tote.

Day 8, 14 degrees celcius rain/sun - Work wearing Vogue 1027.

Day 9, 12 degrees celcius - work (casual Friday).  Wearing New Look 6035 blazer and Grainline Archer white shirt.

As you can probably see, the weather has got steadily cooler as the week has worn on which has actually worked in my favour.  I would really like to do one of these challenges in the summer so I can see what I wear regularly in the warmer months.  The warmer start to the week has enabled me to transition some of my summer clothing into autumn with the benefit of layering.  This should mean that I don't have quite so many double ups as the month draws to a close.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

End Of April Wrap Up

End Of April Wrap Up

Rainbow Set
Bar Slide $1.79
Rings $2.99
Power Mesh $4.00
Elastic $12.00
Bra Hooks $6.00
Total $26.78

Shot Cotton Scout
Fabric $10.65
Pattern $0.00
Total $10.65

White Cotton Archer
Pattern $12.00
Fabric $6.00
Buttons $3.50
Total $21.50

Lekala Jacket
Fabric $12.00
Pattern $3.66
Buttons $5.00
Total $20.66

White Cardigan
Patterns $0.00
Wool $24.00
Buttons $4.90
Total $28.90

Total $108.49

RTW Total $108.00