Me Made May 2014, Week Two

Day 10, 14 degrees celcius.  Football/soccer with my daughter (in background).  Wearing Sewaholic Minoru and modified Tessuti Lola Tee

Day 11, 15 degrees celcius - Shopping wearing New Look 6050

Day 12, 16 degrees celcius - work.  Wearing New Look 6071 in stretch lace.

Day 13, 13 degrees celcius (cold and wet) - work.  Wearing Burdastyle 2/2013 shirt and modified Vogue 1247 in wool. Also today I wore a wool coat but discarded it for the photo.

Day 14, 12 degrees celcius.  Work - wearing simplicity 4589 top and Vogue 1247 skirt plus hand knitted scarf.

Day 15, 14 degrees celcius - work.  Too cold to run outside for a photo so an inside shot today.  Wearing New Look 6071 dress.

Day 16, 14 degrees celcius - work (casual Friday).  Wearing New Look 6050.

Half way through the month and so far this is a doddle.  I haven't yet had any repeats but I am sure there will be before the month is over.  I haven't yet had to drag anything out of the deep recesses of my wardrobe.  These are all things I will happily wear on a daily basis.  I hope to get time to make a couple of additions before the month is out but it is ball season again so this is also taking up a fair chunk of sewing time.


  1. Love your New Look 6071 dresses. I sewed up another one last night and wore it to work today. You certainly have some lovely "me made" outfits.

    1. Thank you! I am looking forward to seeing your version!

  2. I love your New Look dresses, too! In fact I made one based on your fab versions:)

    1. Thank you! Yours is lovely. I really like the fabric.


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