McCall's 7284 Take Two

After my last effort at McCall's 7284, I was keen to try again but with improvements.  Yes, I do like the first version but me being me, I am often not satisfied until I create the perfect top.  My lovely silk one is a little tight across the back when I reach forward so this time I decided to try a different view.  So as not to waste any fabric, I found a piece of crepe like fabric that had been donated to me by my mother and fortuitously it matched the leftovers of my Liberty blouse perfectly.  The dusty pink of the crepe is not entirely a flattering colour on my skin tone so matching it up with the Liberty mean't I could actually use this fabric.  It is a good job that I didn't part with it like I was tempted to do.

This time I made view B with the wider yoke but cut to size small
the same as my previous version.  The Liberty is lovely to work with and the top turned out beautifully.  I cut the front and back yokes in my Liberty fabric as well as both the sleeve and neck bindings.  

I had intended to make this top for Courteney but actually ended up being quite roomy on me, so far too big for her.  What a shame, I was forced to keep it!  Roomy it may be but this top has been worn a lot since it was made.  I wear it with my Stylearc Elle Pants for work and either shorts or jeans for the weekend.


  1. Pretty top. The contrasting yoke really lifts it.

    1. Thank you! Despite being made from gifted/leftovers this is one of my favourite tops!


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