Papercut Anima

It may be mid summer but one thing is always certain in summer, there will be a need for long pants, especially when camping.  I usually drag out long pants when I am away in the caravan on wet days.  Despite keeping everything crossed for perfect weather, sometimes things don't go my way and for days just like this, I always make sure I take at least one pair of pants with me.  Other times they come in handy are late in the evening when it gets cooler, to cover the sunburned legs I had no intention of ever getting but crept up on me anyway and of course when those pesky bitey insects come out at dusk.  I knew though, whatever pants I needed to take, they really just needed to provide an extra layer and not really provide any great warmth.  My previous pairs were beginning to look a little tired so rather than pop down to the fabric shop, this time I decided to shop my stash.

I really didn't think twice before choosing Papercut Anima as my pattern because this has very much become a tnt.  You will always find a pair or two in my wardrobe somewhere.  To date I think I may have made 7 pairs.

The fabric I chose had been residing in my stash for way too long.  It was an op shop find and one I would not normally use for pants.  It is a cotton that would probably normally be used for polo shirts.  It has a fine texture on the outside.  To add a bit of interest, I decided to trim it in the smallest remnant of ponti in black and white stripes from Tessuti which was leftover from my tee dress.  

Normally I would just make the waistband in the coordinating trim but this time I decided to trim the pockets as well.  I cut them back slightly before adding what could best be described as a band of the striped fabric which I sandwiched between the front piece and the pocket facing.  This time I decided to leave off the cord.  I usually include one but rarely use them.

Having made these so many times before, they were super quick to run up.  They even got worn on my recent Kaiteriteri beach holiday, although not to cover up sunburn because I was very vigilant this time round, but did wear them as an extra layer to protect against sandflies in the evening.


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    1. They are the perfect pant for relaxing which is why I keep coming back to this pattern.

  2. The anima pattern is a favourite of mine too and I really like the way you've used the stripe trim. How good does it feel to make something from fabric that has been sitting in the stash forever!

    1. It feels great to use an old stash item and even better to trim with a remnant.


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