Very Christmasy Pyjmas

When I made these pyjamas I never intended them to be particularly Christmas pyjamas.  I did happen to have some lovely red rayon in my fabric stash and some matching red knit fabric so the fact that they became Christmas pyjamas was rather a happy accident.  

The lead up to Christmas was extraordinarily hot so a pair of cool pyjamas went from a nice thing to have to a must have and a must have now.  Since I already had Papercut Anima and Jalie 3245 in my stash this seemed like as good a place as any to start.  For the pants I simply added extra width to each side seam, and I can't quite remember exactly how much, and then kept the rib knit band at the top.  I had some white ribbing that I picked up on the sale table at Fabric Vision.  It had marks on it so was super cheap.  I simply bleached the fabric when I got home and the fabric was then added to my stash.  I didn't add the tie to my pants, but did add some stitching to stop the elastic rolling.

Jalie 3245, I used for the top.  I have made the sleeved version a couple of times before, but never the racer back tank.  This was a good opportunity to trial this version.  I have to say, it was super easy to make and I like the finished tank so much, that I will definitely be making more in the future and possibly for day wear.


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