I Finished A Thing!

Knitting is one of those things that takes me a very long time.   I tend to only knit when I am on holiday or watching a movie (hardly ever) or if I am just too tired to bother with my sewing room.  This usually means that like a book that you put down and don't go back to for a while, I loose the thread of where I am up to and often my muscle memory of the design I am creating.  Hence a lot of relearning happens on any given project.

My latest completed project is Sous Sous by Norah Gaughan.  Last winter I saw lots of these pop up on my feed and at the time it felt just a little different to my usual pullover project so thought I would give it a go.  I had 500 grams of 100% wool in my stash but the pattern called for much more.  

The finished jumper is designed to be very over sized and in my experience over sized can often mean that the project stretches out over time, so I  decided to make it smaller than the pattern.  To do this I took the smallest size and just reduced it by a further two sizes.  I had no idea how this would work out for me but took a risk and did it anyway.  What is a years worth of knitting between friends!  Just to go completely off piste I decided that I would make the sleeves full length because winters here get quite cold, and I really didn't want to get cold arms.  I just made the arms as long as I could without running out of wool.

I am really happy with how the jumper turned out.  I finished it a month or so ago and it has been waiting in the wings for the weather to get cold enough to wear it and it finally did today.  There was frost on the ground when I got up this morning so perfect woolly jumper weather.  My only issue now is working out how to style it!


  1. Lovely! Very unusual with the high, low hem. My knitting is slow as well. I had one sweater (also with cables) that took almost 19 years to finish. I got frustrated with the boring knitting of the back and sleeves and kept putting it down (and in the closet, where it was forgotten for a time). It is now done and with a creative change to the collar, it is even wearable.
    Barb from Canada

    1. 19 years! Wow that is quite the ufo! Well done on getting there in the end.


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