Heron Top in Atelier Brunette


Earlier this year I made The Sewing Revival Heron Top as a sort of wearable muslin, fully intending to buy some better quality fabric and make another.  Other projects jumped the queue and I never quite got there.

My original Heron Top was worn quite a bit, even over the winter months, so when I purchased a remnant of gorgeous Atelier Brunette fabric from Miss Maude NZ, this pattern immediately came to mind.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I decided to make another, knowing that it too would get worn a lot!

I decided to remove the front seam and for this version, I went down a size as well because my original is a bit roomy for my liking.  I re cut the hem on the top to mimic the dress version so if I were to wear it out or belted, it wouldn't look quite so chopped off.  As part of my second hand thread bulk buy a few months back, I even had the perfect overlocker thread which meant the only cost for the project was the fabric.

Like my previous version, I cut a neck tie instead of the elastic that is also an option with this pattern.  I felt the tie would mean I could undo it to iron it because this fabric creases quite badly with washing.

My final change was the sleeve hem.  The pattern has you fold very deep hems and add a wide elastic casing to draw it in.  It is a lovely finish but looks a bit lumpy when wearing a cardigan or jacket.  My solution was a narrower 3cm hem with 1cm elastic casing.

While mustard is one of those colours that can suck the life out of my skin colouring and I should really stay away from, if I chuck on a bit of lippy and BB cream, I can get away with this colour thankfully, because I really like my new top!


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