Stylearc Elle Pants

Stylearc Elle is a favourite pant pattern for a lot of people.  A quick Google or IG search is testament to that.  I have lost count of the number of pairs I have made.  They are a staple in my mothers wardrobe and I have also made a pair for my daughter.  From memory I have made three pairs for myself but not for quite some time.  I actually re bought the pattern in a larger size because for some reason, I bought a size 8 last time and I haven't been an 8 for a long time.  Fortunately though, Stylearc now do multiple sizes in some of their pdfs so I  have a choice depending on who I am making them for and the amount of stretch in my fabric.

My latest pair are made of some lovely rib Bengaline that I picked up for $3 at a clothing store dead stock sale.  It and the rest of the fabric I bought in the same sale were the bargain of the year!  

I made these pants to replace my black Sasha Pants that unfortunately haven't stood the test of time.  They have washed out badly and at this point, I don't know whether they are destined for the dye pot or rag collection.

Because Elle pants are elastic waisted, they are a super quick and satisfying project.  They also are a  sustainable make, both from the origins of the fabric perspective but also because without a doubt they will be worn, like my now sad Sasha pants, to death and really, wearing our clothing until they fall apart is what we should all be aiming for.


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