Tessuti Monroe

I was in Spotlight a few weeks back and came across this roll of beautiful Viscose Spandex that really could not be left in the shop.  At the time the queue was massive.  It was Saturday morning after all!  Rather than queuing I photographed it and went home and ordered it online.

As soon as it arrived I quickly made it up into a Tessuti Monroe.  I made size 1 with size 2 sleeves.  This fabric is so lovely and drapey, I just knew what it was destined to become before it even arrived.

This may have been a super quick overlocker/coverstitch project but I am beyond thrilled with the results.  This is one of those projects that all of the ducks just lined up with very little effort.  If only they were all this easy!

Pattern (free) $0.00
Fabric $50.16
Total $50.16


  1. This is such a cute top! It's a good idea to size up on the sleeves, and maybe even the turtleneck too. This is pretty much what made mine unwearable for me, so I'm happy I could give it to Cassie instead; she's smaller than me!

    1. It is a good pattern but yes, I find the larger sizes just to big on my short frame and the sleeves on the smallest size just too tight. I hadn't thought about upsizing the turtleneck but it would be a good idea on a fabric with less stretch.


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