Another School Year Is Completed

Today is officially the last day of the school year for my family.  My high school aged son finished last Thursday and my daughter, who was sitting exams, finished in mid November.  It has been a long week because master 9's school must be the last school in the city to finish.   He has done 12 swimming lessons in two weeks so he is well and truly ready for a break.
When I walked into the classroom, I was greeted with a completely empty room.  The desks and chairs were sitting on the playing field drying in the sun and the walls were naked.  The usually busy, cheery room looked a little sole less and sad.  The teacher that taught my son this year had also taught my 2 older children in year 4, so yet again it is another end of an era as my son moves into the senior half of the school.  This morning master 9 will spend some time in his year 5/6 class with his new teacher.  He is terribly excited to once again have a man teacher and is very much looking forward to a creative and sporting year next year.
Last year, I made my older son's teacher an apron using a vintage Mademoiselle sewing pattern and I was so pleased with the results that I decided to replicate it again for my youngest sons teacher.  This year's version is not as bright as last year's one but I thought it appropriate that using a vintage pattern, I also use vintage fabric.  The fabric I chose was a lovely linen type fabric from this op shop fabric haul.  I teamed it with some coordinating pink and grey tartan shirting fabric, from my remnants bin, for the binding.
My son gave Mrs H the present when he got to school this morning and announced "my Mum sewed you something" after seeing the mounting collection of gifted wine appearing on her desk.   We did joke that given she was going camping, she wasn't going to need the apron in the short term so perhaps it may well be better used to mop up the spillage from all of that wine!  She was actually really pleased with the apron, because like me she doesn't own a decent one and she is not alone there because neither do I! 


  1. What a great idea for a teacher gift!

  2. As a teacher I always just loving getting the gifts at Xmas that are made by Mum's. Over the years I have had a few crafty gifts, and they are the most treasured. Your children have very lucky teachers...J

    1. Thank you. I hope my sons teacher like it, she seemed to.

  3. Hi Andrea, I wanted to let you know I have passed on to you the One Lovely Blog Award!

  4. wow that was incredibly nice of you and great that it is appreciated.


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