Play It Again Sam

Once again, using one of my recent aquisitions from Cotura Fashions, I made a new top.  My foundation for this top is NewLook 6648, which I have made previously four times.  This time though, I wanted a little less of a batwing effect.  Whether I  achieved it though, I am not sure.  To reduce the under arm bulk, I added 1.5cm to the shoulder seam at the cuff end tapering out to nothing at the neck.  I then removed the same amount at the cuff, tightening the curve under the arm and straightening the side seam.  I then shortened the sleeve and added a cuff.

I opted not to gather the hip band, instead cutting a piece of elastic to the gathered length and stretching while zig zagging to secure in place.  I did this to avoid the gathering stitching from breaking.

There is not a lot left to say abut this top that I haven't said before.  It will definitely be a useful addition to my spring wardrobe.

So why is there a 1.7 tonne  bronze bull sitting on top of that piano, I hear you ask?  Well this is one of a number of artworks that dot the city in the name of making our barren landscape a little more interesting.


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