Embracing A New Trend

I was told when I was considering my latest project that the only people that should be wearing a jumpsuit are babies that are still in nappies.  Not one to be deterred, I waited until the said naysayer was away on holiday to put my plan into action.  I did have a venue in mind to wear my planned jumpsuit and that was a work Christmas function.  I could never be accused of being too flamboyant in my choice of dress as the venue was a drag queen cabaret show.  In fact I may have been a little under dressed in a navy pants suit!

The fabric I had in mind is a lovely drapey crepe that I had found in the op shop.  Yes, I know, this is starting to get a little boring and I really need to find some new fabric buying outlets!  But, if it aint broke don't fix it I say!  Also, I wasn't 100% convinced I could pull off a jumpsuit so given I hadn't invested great amounts of money in the fabric I was of the opinion, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I had the choice of two My Image Patterns and my Insta friends chose Spring/Summer 2013 M1311.  I drew up the pattern to size 38.  I was not all that sure of the sizing because the patterns I have made so far have been a bit of a mixed bag size wise.  I chose the 38 because I figured I could always make it smaller if required.  

I didn't really follow the instructions which is a good thing because like Burdastyle there really aren't many.  In fact, I even chose to line the front of the bodice because one thing I can't stand with a cowl neck is when the facing flips out.  The lining I chose was a Bemburg satin lining so it is nice and light and while it holds the facing in position, it doesn't add to the weight or bulk of the bodice.  I cut a facing for the back neck and made bias tape in the outer fabric to bind the armholes.

Before I attached the top to the pants, I tried it on.  After inserting the most perfect invisible zip ever, I found I needed to unpick it and run in the back seam because the neckline was falling off my shoulders.  Oh well,  I just had to insert the second most perfect invisible zip ever after that!

My biggest challenge came when I wanted to hem the pants. Because Courteney was busy swanning around Australia at the time, I had to enlist my husband to pin the hem.  With a million instructions I entrusted him my pin cushion and he set to work.  I don't think he did too bad!

As far as the pants go, this is the first pair of wide leg pants I have made since the early 1990's and although I briefly considered narrowing them, I am pleased I chose to leave them in their drafted state.  Yes, this does mean I need to wear heels, but I think I may be a convert.  I am a little late to the wide leg pants party but good things take time.  I finished the entire outfit of with a wide elastic belt.  I don't think I have been out for dinner and felt this comfortable in a long time.  They really are secret pyjamas! 


  1. Very elegant jumpsuit. Looks both classy and comfortable at the same time.

  2. Wow. Looks really good. I had a jumpsuit back in the early 90s and always felt pretty swish wearing it but you know um there are certain practicalities that were an issue especially being an intern in a busy hospital . I really like the cowl neck variation and you have teemed it well with the bright heels and wide belt. Very stylish .

  3. The jumpsuit looks great on you!
    Sounds like you have a cool workplace that would choose to have a Christmas party at a drag queen cabaret show...

  4. See. Whoever told you you couldn't wear a jumpsuit was wrong, wrong, WRONG! :) Looks fantastic on you!!!

  5. Precioso!!! Los monos son prácticos y cómodos, y el modelo y color que elegiste va para cualquier día y horario. Besis!!!

    1. Thank you Roxy! It is more practical than I expected.

  6. Agreed, this really suits you.

  7. It looks very smart and stylish! especially in the perennially wonderful navy blue. Yay! for stretching yourself to try something new!

  8. The jumpsuit looks fantastic on you. I love the wide leg, perhaps looks more like a tapered leg in the photos, but either way what a great job. Enjoy them!

  9. I'll say it again...you look great in this jumpsuit. I hope you like it!

  10. Never say another negative word about jumpsuits. You look fabulous!!!


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