Working With What I Have

I have been spending a bit of time emptying my overflowing scrap bin by way of making up the contents  where possible.  

The orange wool is leftover from my recent McCall's jumper and the piece I had left was too big to throw out.  I only had enough for the front and neckband using McCalls 6992.  For the back sleeves and cuffs, I used what I could salvage from this jacket which had been in my recycle bag for a while now.   It didn't have much warmth in it and I found I just didn't wear it.  The fabric is however perfect for a jumper.  I had to extend the sleeves by using a bit of creative licence in the form of an extension which I topstitched.

Now, as much as I love my version of this jumper, I really had no use for a second one, so this version was always going to be donated and Courteney who is flatting was certainly not going to turn down a warm jumper in the middle of winter.

So, how much do you like your new jumper Courteney?  Oh, this much!


  1. Great use of leftovers and the recipient looks very pleased.

  2. I can understand exactly why she loves it!

    1. This is a great pattern and sometimes close fitting garments feel warmer when it is really cold.


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