Woohoo Happy Dance.......

Day 30 of Me Made May and although the finish line is in sight, all enthusiasm for photographing myself has gone.  I briefly considered not bothering today but being sooo close I forced myself.  I coerced my older son into taking todays photo and he was about as enthusiastic as I was.  I am pleased now I made the effort for a complete set.  

Today's outfit is a complete replica of day 10.  My lack of office appropriate winter attire is really showing at this point.   I would have been more proactive on that front but most of the month has been taken up making my daughter's year 12 ball dress, but more on that at a later date or precisely June 22 when the ball actually happens.

I am wearing my winter version of Sewaholic Alma in that I wrote about on day 10 and my pencil version of Vogue 1247 in wool mohair. 

I may look like I am deep in contemplation in the above photo, but inwardly I am doing a great big happy dance.  Me Made May is over and it is a long weekend.  See that empty clothes line at the back, it should contain a mountain of washing but that is only one of the things that has suffered this month, so I doubt I could find another me made item tomorrow if I tried.  It is a good thing then, I can wear rtw tomorrow.

Today's outfit is casual Friday at it's best.  I am wearing a New Look 6050 checked shirt that I wasn't even sure I could actually get away with on casual Friday but teamed with black linen Colette Clovers and Simplicity 2603 merino cardigan that predates my blog, I think it works!


  1. I'm breathing a sigh of relief too but glad to have participated again.
    Congratulations on completing MMM. I've enjoyed your makes.

  2. I think all of you that have participated have done brillianty with the commitment this challenges requires. I may take part next year - forewarned, of course :)

  3. Congratulations on a month of classic, stylish and beautiful outfits. I really enjoyed looking at all your photos so thank you for making the effort to take them every day!


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