Me Made May Days 23 & 24/Bread & Butter Sewing

Day 23 saw the first wearing of my tardis cardigan for the season, pinstripe wool version of Vogue 1247 and wool lycra Sewaholic Renfrew.  All three of these items are favourites, so will become staples over the winter months.

And just because Sewaholic Renfrew's are favourites, of mine, I have made another one to debut on Day 24.  This time I used a piece of op shop fabric from this op shop fabric haul.  It is a really thick cotton lycra with a loopy backing so rather than suitable as a layering piece, this top is more suited to a jumper type top to be worn alone.  I didn't have quite enough fabric for the collar which is a real fabric hog so re purposed a new but unwanted black tee shirt for the underside of the collar. 

On day 24, I wore my new Renfrew with Colette Meringue in wool flannel.


  1. The jumper looks great. The cuffs on the cross is very effective.

  2. Thanks! It was a case of having to through fabric limitations


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