Friday, May 31, 2013

Woohoo Happy Dance.......

Day 30 of Me Made May and although the finish line is in sight, all enthusiasm for photographing myself has gone.  I briefly considered not bothering today but being sooo close I forced myself.  I coerced my older son into taking todays photo and he was about as enthusiastic as I was.  I am pleased now I made the effort for a complete set.  

Today's outfit is a complete replica of day 10.  My lack of office appropriate winter attire is really showing at this point.   I would have been more proactive on that front but most of the month has been taken up making my daughter's year 12 ball dress, but more on that at a later date or precisely June 22 when the ball actually happens.

I am wearing my winter version of Sewaholic Alma in that I wrote about on day 10 and my pencil version of Vogue 1247 in wool mohair. 

I may look like I am deep in contemplation in the above photo, but inwardly I am doing a great big happy dance.  Me Made May is over and it is a long weekend.  See that empty clothes line at the back, it should contain a mountain of washing but that is only one of the things that has suffered this month, so I doubt I could find another me made item tomorrow if I tried.  It is a good thing then, I can wear rtw tomorrow.

Today's outfit is casual Friday at it's best.  I am wearing a New Look 6050 checked shirt that I wasn't even sure I could actually get away with on casual Friday but teamed with black linen Colette Clovers and Simplicity 2603 merino cardigan that predates my blog, I think it works!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Me Made May Days 26 to 29

The day after the night before, my energy and imagination were seriously lacking.  A little housework and a walk in the fresh air to blow away the cob webs was in order.  Today, I am wearing black Jalie jeanspink Sewaholic Renfrew, and black wool Jalie hoody.

Now as Me Made May draws to a close, I am running out of fresh me made items.  This dress was made in the very early days of my blog.  It is a bit of a mash up of a couple of patterns and while it is still very wearable, it's days are numbered as it is getting a little tired. It has served me well over the last couple of winters, but this year may well be the last.  For work on Monday, I wore it with my striped Butterick 5562 top.

Tuesday dawned cold and I mean really cold.   The day started with a 2 degree start and ominous dirty brown clouds on the horizon.  The excitement grew as the promise of snow looked more and more likely.  We were rewarded with rain and hail but alas no snow, not yet anyway.  A cold day though demanded seriously warm work gear and this merino dress proved to be the best solution.  It is the only me made item I wore today because practicality won over me made items.

The weather has warmed up considerably and it wouldn't be hard, so for work again and to cheer on my youngest son while he represented his school in the primary schools zonal cross country, I chose yet another practical solution in the form of my favourite skirt ever!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Absolutely Nothing To Wear! / Me Made May Day 25

With a meal out planned for Saturday night, it suddenly occurred to me that I had nothing suitable to wear.  I have lots of summer dresses and even work appropriate winter dresses but nothing dinner and possibly dancing appropriate.  Hmmm what to do with very little warning and even less spare time.  Then it occurred to me!  Make NewLook 6071 again of course.   This is the fourth version of this, my favourite knit dress pattern that I have made.  Two of them have been summer versions and this, my second winter appropriate dress.

I had some burgundy lace in my stash and some red nylon lycra, so my vision was a lace dress with a lycra slip underneath.  The challenge was how to separate the slip but have it as one piece for the front bodice.  In the end, the only seam that is separate is the centre back seam.  The rest are treated as one piece, even the hem.  I was concerned that it would hang awkwardly this way but fortunately it wasn't a problem.  I did have one or two issues with stitching through all of the bulk in the bodice in one or two places but the bonus is, this dress is really warm to wear and as it turns out, entirely dinner and dance appropriate.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Me Made May Days 23 & 24/Bread & Butter Sewing

Day 23 saw the first wearing of my tardis cardigan for the season, pinstripe wool version of Vogue 1247 and wool lycra Sewaholic Renfrew.  All three of these items are favourites, so will become staples over the winter months.

And just because Sewaholic Renfrew's are favourites, of mine, I have made another one to debut on Day 24.  This time I used a piece of op shop fabric from this op shop fabric haul.  It is a really thick cotton lycra with a loopy backing so rather than suitable as a layering piece, this top is more suited to a jumper type top to be worn alone.  I didn't have quite enough fabric for the collar which is a real fabric hog so re purposed a new but unwanted black tee shirt for the underside of the collar. 

On day 24, I wore my new Renfrew with Colette Meringue in wool flannel.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Me Made May Days 17 - 22

Can I just start by apologising for the Olympic length Me Made May post that I am about to inflict on you, my readers.  Last week was a big week with Mr Epiphanies in Sydney for work and with me working 5 days a week also and flying solo, last week had it's trials.  I am still playing catchup and this week is all but over.

Day 17 was Friday, and since my office doesn't do casual Friday, per say, I thought it was about time they did. For the first casual Friday, I thought I would introduce the concept gently, and test the waters with my original ponti pants adapted from Style Arc Laura leggings pattern, teamed with a rather formal rtw shirt and Jade wool blazer made using New Look 6035, oh and new suede ankle boots.  No one in my office complained so I will have to see what I can come up with this week!

Day 18 was Saturday and it was one of those grey drizzly days that make you just want to do inside things.  Not so, though!  I had to rug up warm and head out to the rugby paddock.  I switched out the new boots for some outdoor style boots so as not to ruin my new ones in the mud.  These ones were reserved for the afternoons fabric shopping trip with my daughter.

Today I am wearing a wool version of Vogue 8771.  This is one of my favourite jerseys but I need to cover the neck with a scarf because sadly it is too big for my liking.

Day 19, was Sunday.  It was another miserable day, although you wouldn't notice from the photo.  My covered patio is good for winter as well as summer!  Today I am wearing my favourite Sewaholic Renfrew and me made hand knitted cardigan coat for another round of fabric shopping, and a little sewing plus the requisite weekend domestic chores.

Monday and another working week saw a repeat from day 7.  This is my favourite dress so wearing it only once this month was too bigger ask.  I have found my boiled wool Sewaholic Minoru makes the perfect light weight but warm jacket to get me to and from work.

On Tuesday, I wore a me made dress and tee, but I am sure this will be repeated next week so I will leave it until then to add the links. Because it rained agaaaiiin (we are certainly making up for a rainless summer), I wore my Goretex Simplicity 2153 raincoat.

Yesterday, day 22, I wore this Butterick 5672 dress made in blue ponti knit.  I don't wear this dress quite as often as I might, because it is very fitted and I feel a little self conscious wearing it.  Looking at the photos of me wearing it, I am not sure why but it just isn't a favourite.

All of this brings us back to today and I haven't actually got round to taking my picture.  I better though before the sun disappears!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Me Made May Day's 13-16

The weather has been unseasonably warm, so before it breaks, I have been taking every opportunity to wear my transeasonal garments.  This Vogue peplum top is one such garment, as are my black linen  Colette Clover pants.

Sometimes in the working week you just need a little pick me up.  This cheerful Simplicity floral dress is just what the doctor ordered on a very busy Tuesday (day 14)

On Wednesday, day 15, I chose a little more subdued outfit.  This is actually one of my favourites at the moment.  I love the pop of yellow in my upcycled blouse made using Simplicity 4589.  The skirt, is a lovely lined wool flannel, made using Colette Meringue and although we had a rocky relationship at the beginning, I find this skirt a good neutral when I am tired of black.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to decide what to wear of a work morning lately.  We should be waking to temperatures of 0-4 degrees, rising to a high of around 13-15 degrees.  Instead this morning, I awoke to 11 degrees and while I was standing in my wardrobe staring blankly at the rack the sound of birds singing made me decide on this incarnation of Vogue 1247 in black wool knit, and my current favourite blouse, my summer version of Sewaholic Alma in silk metal.

That just about wraps up another week, a week that has been manic to say the least.   I haven't had much sleep but I have managed to squeeze in some sewing time on a very special project.  Who need's sleep!  It's overated! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Me Made May Day's 11 and 12

Day 10 was Saturday, which mean't a very casual day of kid's rugby followed by some shopping.  For the rugby, I swapped the ankle boots for a pair of Teva insulated boots because the park is getting very muddy.

Today, I am wearing my latest version of Sewaholic Renfrew. This time I have made it in a 80% wool 20% nylon sweater knit bought from Cotura Fashions at the end of last winter at the princely cost of $6 per metre.  I added an extra 1cm to both the side seams and the arm inseam because I wanted to wear it over another layer.  I also omitted the hip band in favour of a twin needled hem.

On Sunday, Mothers day, I started out in the same jersey for a day of housework  (yes I know it was Mothers day but with a chaotic week ahead, I had to get a running start) but this time with Anita Ponti printed pants and white Maria Denmark tee.  The wool jersey lasted, well maybe half an hour after this photo was taken and by 10am was discarded as the temperature rose to a very warm 25 degrees celcius.  

You can just see the reflection of my son in the glass doors as he waited patiently for me to take the photo so he could sweep up all of those leaves!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Autumnal Sewaholic Alma and Me Made May Day's 9 and 10

No, this is not a bad photograph, just a very foggy morning!  This photo was taken at 8am and I was going to wait until later in the day for the sun to shine, but hey, keeping it real people!

Day 9 was another work day so I wore my linen frankenpattern dress and for added warmth in the morning, because this dress has short sleeves, my black merino cardigan.

On day 10, I remembered to participate in the mini challenge which was craft space related, although I can't remember the exact words now...see that is what happens when you post so far after the fact!  Anyho, here is part of my craft space.  The area where my machine lives as well as my coverstitch machine.  My commercial overlocker lives in our garage which can be inconvenient especially in the dead of winter.

You might have noticed the blouse which hasn't appeared here
before.  This is another Sewaholic Alma made using some lovely cotton from an op shop fabric haul that I seem to have neglected posting about...woops!  This time however, I have made the sleeves long instead of short.  I did have to shorten the length by about 5cm but other than this, it was made a straight size 6 as per my previous versions.

My one complaint with this sleeved version, is that the sleeves make the blouse feel a little tight across my back and chest. I perhaps could have gone up a size, or maybe because it lacks back pleats like most long sleeve blouses, it is just the style of it.  On the whole though, I am really happy with it and it goes beautifully with my new green and pink striped pencil skirt that I wrote about last week.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

It started out as a very simple Mothers Day.  All I wanted was  not to have to do any housework and perhaps the chance to do a little sewing.    My reality was very different!  Courteney made me a new dressing gown.  In the school holidays, she made this somewhat secretly while I was at work.  The trouble came when this fabric shed from one end of the house to the other, and no amount of vacuuming would remove the evidence.  I knew something was up, when she picked me up from work with blue fluff all through her hair!

The pattern Courteney used was the dressing gown from Simplicity 3696.  I hadn't made this up before, but had had great success with the pyjama pattern.  Courteney didn't like the band at the neckline and redrafted it to match my existing dressing gown which had a proper collar.  She came a little unstuck when the fabric stretched out of shape but after a quick tutorial on the merits of iron on interfacing, the project was completed smoothly.  Both Courteney and I are really happy with the way this project turned out.   Now I plan on returning the favour with a little project involving satin and organza.

I was a little spoilt today.  The boys bought me chocolate, including white chocolate which is my favourite but I also gifted myself a new laptop after the mother board on my current one decided to fry earlier in the week.  This has rather hampered my Me Made May efforts but rest assured photos have been taken and a catch up post is eminent.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, I never did get my sewing time today!   

Thursday, May 9, 2013


No, it isn't that I made a skirt, more the pattern that I used.  It
should come as no surprise that I used Vogue 1247 as the basis for my new skirt.  The fabric that I chose is a quality piece of dark olive green fabric with a pink/red pin stripe, bought as part of this op shop fabric haul.  What makes this fabric so special is that it is a lovely 60% mohair 40% wool fabric made in  England.  I know this because it was woven into the selvedge.  I really wanted something special for this fabric so Vogue 1247 was the obvious choice.  I absolutely love the fit of this skirt.  I now have it drafted in made to measure size so minimal fitting is required.  From my draft this time though, I redrafted it to a pencil skirt.  After piecing the pattern pieces together and straightening the sides, I added a back vent copied from an old 1980's pattern that was in regular rotation in the day.

I lined this skirt in a piece of green taffeta lining from Lincraft.  

If I had one little criticism of this skirt it would be that the fabric creases quite easily as you can see in the above photos.

I got a little side tracked while taking this photo.  I found a nice little supply of the last of the seasons strawberries in the garden so stopped for a quick snack before the kids discovered them.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Me Made May Days 6,7 and 8

Day 6 was raining, hence the colourful accessory.  Today I wore 3 me made items,  Vogue 1247 favourite skirt, another favourite in this rescue blouse, and merino cardigan.

Day 7, and the first frost of the season saw me wearing 3 me made outer layers.  Did I also mention that there are me made under layers most days as well!  My dress is another favourite, made using  New Look 6071, and written about here

Because we had the first frost of the season on day 7, I brought out my winter coat for the first time to get to work warm and toasty.  This has proved to be another favourite.  I love the warm claret red against the grey.  This was made using Simplicity 2508 and I like the shape so much, it will be my go to pattern in the future.  I also wore a hand knitted by me scarf in feathers that pre dates my blog.


Today, day 8, my coat came out to play again because of another frost.  Today I wore it with a recent addition to my wardrobe, Vogue 1027.  It is actually a summer dress but with tights and a cardigan, is very winter appropriate.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Mini Dress/Me Made May Days 4 and 5

No, I didn't make an extremely short dress for myself but a dress for a tiny little person.  The intended recipient of this new dress is my niece who will turn two years old tomorrow. The fabric I chose is a lovely soft cotton stretch velvet.  Because I have used the pattern before with great results, the pattern I used was Burda 3179.  The last time I used the pattern was for this dress.......

Yes, this is Courteney, aged about 4 years old wearing a Pumpkin Patch knock off, complete with matching headband.  Father Christmas in the photo was actually her grandfather, who moonlighted at the local mall, a fact she was unaware of at the time.

I made a size 18mths for my neice.  It is a lovely roomy dress, perfect for an active toddler and because it is nearly winter also perfect for accomodating extra layers of clothing.

For mini dress making on Saturday, I wore, Maria Denmark tee, and Sewaholic Thurlow capris

Today, I cheated a little by wearing rtw black jeans and another Sewaholic item,  this time a Sewaholic Renfrew for an uninspiring but satisfying day of housework and a trip to Bunnings.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Me Made May; Days 1 to 3

The weather has been a little blah this week so warm clothing has been in demand.  For day one of Me Made May, I chose this dress in black hounds tooth knit and bright pink tights to brighten up an otherwise dull day.   Dull you may say!  But the sun is shining!  Don't be we had the worst rainstorm I have ever experienced.  It was like someone turned the tap on and my poor earthquake damaged roof did not cope resulting on puddles of water forming on my carpet....grr!

Day two, was still grey and cold, hence the Sewaholic Thurlow trousers, New Look 3/4 sleeve blouse and black suede wedge booties.  Please excuse the wrinkles, these have been worn all day when this photo was taken. 

Day three was still cool and autumnal.  After a busy day at work and then rushing to get the kids hair cut before school goes back, I completely forgot about my photo until the sun was setting.  Today I wore my Megan Neilsen Kelly Skirt in stretch cotton sateen, Sewaholic Renfrew, black boots and tights.

Just looking back at last years photos, only one thing in the above photos appeared in Me Made May 2012 and that is the hounds tooth dress.  It had it's first wearing in May last year and I don't believe it has been worn much since then.  With the bright tights, I like it a lot more so it may be shown more love this winter.