Citrus Scout

I am definitely drawn to colourful fabrics and this fabric is no exception.  I love the vibrancy and it is lovely to work with.  The remnants of this blouse were earmarked for a summer top for me, despite my daughter trying to claim it for herself.  Actually my daughter wanting it made me more determined to keep it.  Is that wrong?

As the summer wore on and no pattern contenders in sight despite now having the perfect skirt combination in the form of my floral pencil one, I became a little desperate.  This desperation caused me to choose a pattern that I was not too sure about.  The Grainline Scout became my pattern of choice.  

Now, while I will wear this top a lot, there are a few disappointments associated with it.  Grainline Scout I think, is best suited to cotton.  This is georgette.  My first complaint is the neckline is too wide and my second is the sleeves.  I accidentally ironed out most of those lovely creased causing the sleeves to hang loosely.  

Disappoinments aside, this top was intended to wear to work and as such performs very well.  The perfectionist in me however, wonders if I should have been less selfish and given the fabric to my daughter after all.


  1. It is such a gorgeous citrusy fabric! I'm sorry you're a bit disappointed with your new top - it looks lovely in the photos, and I'm sure you're the only one noticing any imperfections. Has your daughter borrowed it yet :)?

  2. I don't think you will regret buying this very popular pattern; every version I've seen of it is super cute. The fabric you chose is so vibrant and cool :)

  3. It is a fantastic fabric, so bright and happy! I wonder if you can add some stay tape or grosgrain ribbon in order to stabilize the neckline more?


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