A Slouchy Beanie

I made myself a floppy beanie.  The pattern is Aesderina by Jane Richmond.  There is not a lot to be said about the construction as it was pretty straight forward.   I bought 200 grams of Lincraft Coziwool and used a little over 1 ball or 100 grams.

I am not normally a beanie wearer, but in the depths of winter, a beanie is somewhat of a necessity for such things as sport watching on frosty winter mornings.  This beanie has been completed since the beginning of June but Murphy's law provided the warmest June on record so it has sat unloved in my wardrobe.  With another month and a half until spring, there is plenty of potential frosty mornings left.  That being said though, the daffodils flowering in my garden would probably beg to differ!


  1. This is such a cute design. Hope you get to wear it on those frosty mornings that have now arrived.

    1. Thank you! The funny thing though is the frosty mornings haven't! Yesterday when I went for my run around lunch time, it was 20 degrees!


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