End Of December Wrap Up

End Of December Wrap Up

There has been a lot of sewing going on behind the scenes this month that will not get blogged until a later date but what you see above is most of my selfish sewing for December.  The rest will be revealed in due course!

Denim Jeans
Fabric $20.00
Pattern $0.00
Zip $0.00
Buttons $0.00
Thread $14.00
Needles $10.99
Total $44.99

Owls Jumper
Wool $0.00
Pattern $9.27
Total $9.27

Bird Belcarra
Pattern $0.00
Fabric $0.00
Total $0.00

Striped My Image Dress
Fabric $12.00
Pattern $10.75
Total $22.75

Coral My Image Jacket
Pattern $10.75
Fabric $28.03
Interfacing $4.98
Buttons $2.00
Lining $13.47
Total $59.23

Total Me Made $136.24

Total RTW $9.00


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