Unselfish Sewing and Jalie 3242

The onset of Autumn has made me quite unmotivated to make any  clothes for myself.  This is largely due to the weather being still very warm and I have no need for any more summer clothes.  It is however a good opportunity for a little unselfish sewing and this unselfish sewing is long overdue. 

 I have been promising new swimwear and underwear for quite some months now.  It is now surprise that I used Jalie 3242 for both swimwear and underwear.  I used view D, briefs for the swimwear and view E, trunks for the underwear.  Young J goes through a lot of this style of swimwear for his squad training sessions.  I like to give him some variety of prints so ordered the green and yellow nylon spandex from Spandex House with my order before Christmas.  I lengthened the body of the briefs to accommodate the encased elastic waistband.  I added a buttonhole to thread through the tie that runs through the centre of my chosen elastic and finished it with a twin needled straight stitch.  The high vis version was made from some Lycra of unknown quality that I picked up at spotlight.

The underwear was made from my rather large collection of unloved tee shirts and some elastic I picked up at a receivership sale.  As much as I procrastinated over making these, it was a nice feeling to have a rather large gap in my cupboard where these once lived, for a few days at least!  I have since filled that nice gap up on a recent shopping trip.


  1. Love the bright bathers and the underwear. It's such a nice feeling when you see a good chunk of the stash sewn up.

  2. Excellent swimmers and undies, that is truly unselfish. My poor son has bought swimmers.
    I hope you have some pretty and much more selfish fabric for that spot in the stash.


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