Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Felix and Isabelle Liberty Blouse

Initially I was going to call this top a Sewaholic Oakridge but on
reflection it has been altered somewhat from the original pattern  hence the rather boring title.  The title may be boring but the blouse is anything but!  This particular Liberty fabric is loud in the extreme.  It came in two colourways. The second is more muted greens and oranges but I liked this one best.  The fabric is Liberty Tana Lawn, Felix and Isabelle.  I had been admiring it from a safe distance every time I visited Fabric Vision all summer.  When they had a 25% off storewide sale recently, I could look no longer.  I bought 1.5m and wasn't sure what pattern I wanted to use but new what I really wanted to achieve.  It had to be simple and have a boho vibe but still look modern.  This particular print lends itself to modern styling unlike a lot of Liberty fabrics.

For the most part, my pattern is Sewaholic Oakridge.  The sleeves have however been modified.  I added width to the sleeves and lowered the arm scythe.  I then straightened the sleeve underarm seam so I could gather it into a band below the elbow.

I had intended to have a tunic style straight hem but once I had the blouse to try on stage I changed my mind.  For some reason it just looked odd. I found the perfect purply pink buttons in my stash to finish it off.

I love my new blouse.  The fabric is lovely to wear.  As luxurious as silk is, I really prefer cotton and this fabric is a good balance of luxury and practicality.

Please note, the crease in the photo above is not a reflection of the fit of the top.  I wore a cotton knit camisole underneath when I took this photo to make changing in public a little more decent and the blouse managed to snag on it for some reason.

These photos were taken at Akaroa over the last weekend (Easter).  The artist statue above is a sculpture of Charles Meryon (1821-1868), Lieutenant and artist on French naval ship Le Rhin.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Burdastyle Woven Tee

 Burdastyle magazines always seem to suck me in when I am 
at the bookshop.  The photos are always lovely and inspire me.  The trouble is, often that inspiration doesn't extend to making many of the projects.  

Burdastyle 08/2015 115 is however quite a simple top to make once you get past drawing up the patterns.  On that note, my go to way of making these patterns is plastic and a Sharpie.  They last as well if not better than paper and it is extremely easy to trace the lines. My latest batch of plastic was rescued from the packaging my lounge suite came in.  As you can imagine, I have quite a bit.

The fabric I chose is a piece of op shop chiffon in a large scale floral print.  I matched this with some black op shop ribbing.

I love this new top and it blends in very well with other items in my autumn wardrobe.  The style is quite casual but the fabric elevates it to smart casual and it even works well as a work top.  

For the most part, autumn hasn't arrived yet and the heat continues. I suspect though, that is about to change.  I have quite the backlog of autumn makes to photograph.

Friday, March 18, 2016

A Davey Dress For St Patrick's Day

Sometimes the making of something can be quite fortuitous and this is the case with my latest make for Courteney.  Strictly speaking this dress was finished before Christmas but Courteney didn't have the opportunity to wear it, being a rather cash strapped Uni student who spends most of her life in tee shirts.  We were having a conversation the other day about an impending St. Patrick's day themed party tonight and how she had nothing green to wear.  Au contraire my dear, but you do!  I suggested that she wear her new dress and I am pleased to say that this time she did actually follow my advice!

The dress is made of ponti.  The black was from my stash and originated from the op shop but the floral was bought from Backstreet Bargains.  It is quite difficult to find nice printed ponti. This stuff is nice quality and has a really nice sheen to it and good recovery.  I like that it looks a bit like lace.

I had Sewaholic Davey dress in my inbox for quite a while and was actually intending to make if for myself.  I was a little tired of making Lady Skaters for Courteney so decided to try something different.  Courteney actually doesn't do different very well and tends to find something she likes and stick to it.  I figured I really had nothing to lose because if she really didn't like it, I could always keep it for myself.

The dress did require quite a bit of fitting.  I ended up letting out the waist, which is no surprise because Courteney is not the pear shape that this pattern is drafted for.  I also ran in the skirt quite a bit because it was quite full and the ponti made it seem fuller than it was.  From memory I had to take it in a bit under the arms  as well.

Courteney messaged me these photos tonight as she was getting ready for her party.  Actually if I tell the truth, she messaged one and I liberated the second from Facebook....shhh.....she will never know!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pants People, I made Pants!

You may have seen a glimpse of my new pants in my last blog post.  These I am very excited about!  I find pants making tedious to say the least.  It isn't the actual making of the pants that frustrates me it is the results are often less then stellar and leave me often feeling quite flat.  I wear pants a lot!  They are the basis of my autumn and winter wardrobe both for work and home.  At home I wear jeans 90% of the time, except in summer, but for work I need something a little more formal.  I think I have found exactly what I need and they are dead easy.

I am a little late to the Elle pants party but I think I may have found my new tnt.  As recommended I chose bengaline, from Backstreet Bargains.  It has good recovery, which is often a downfall in the pants I make.   It doesn't require ironing which is always a bonus because aside from pressing as I sew, I do not like to iron.  

I made my Style Arc Elle Pants to size 10 but added 1cm to the back rise because I tend to find most pants a bit short here.  I actually accidentally ordered a size 8 pattern but by doing a little math discovered that if I added 1cm to the side seams, I could convert the pattern to pretty close to a size 10.    I  changed the way the waist band is attached to the instructions.  I sewed my band on  and topstiched before threading the elastic through a gap I left in the centre back.  I then secured the elastic with some vertical top stitching at the side seams to prevent it rolling inside the waist band.

Will there be more?  You bet!  In fact there already are!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Tessuti Meets New Look, Take Two

The first version of Tessuti Alice/New Look 6871 which I made for my Las Vegas holiday in August, was without a doubt my most successful make of the summer!  This top has been worn so much that I have just about worn it out.  It is no surprise then, that I was keen to make another. 

Once again my fabric of choice is rayon.  I like the way it drapes and it is quite hard wearing which suits me just fine.  This piece of fabric was bought from Backstreet Bargains.  This online shop is not quite new to me.  I have bought from them before through their Trademe store.  This piece of Rayon is not quite as nice as the piece I used for the previous version but still made up pretty nicely.

Like my previous top, I cut out my top using New Look but cut the neckline to match Tessuti Alice.  I then re-cut the armholes to match Tessuti Alice and added the sleeve bands.

 Despite it being autumn, it is still a very versatile addition to my wardrobe.  I can wear it with pants and a jacket to work and makes a great layering piece.  Our weather at this time of the year can vary from early teens in the morning to over 30 degrees in the afternoon, so layering is a necessity.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

One Last Summer Project

Yesterday while I was packing my swimming gear for a trip to the beach, I realised that I hadn't written about my beach bag.  

This bag was made for my post Christmas camping trip but every time I visited the beach I somehow managed to forget to take photos.  I also managed to forget to take photos yesterday, despite taking my camera and actually using it!  So today, before the summer sun disappeared for the season I decided it was time to actually take some photos, hence the garden shots.

There is not a lot to be said about this bag.  It is big, so accommodates plenty of towels, cameras, water bottles or whatever I choose to throw in at the last minute!  Ask my husband and he will tell you I pack too much.  I tend to think I am just well prepared!

The fabric is all from my stash and mainly left overs from other projects.  The blue lining is actually a waterproof nylon for wet towels and the likes.  The stripes are all heavy weight cottons which had either been bought for other projects or remnants.  I had a bit of a stripe  buying spree when my oldest son was small, for making shorts.  He is now 17, so these fabrics have sat around for far too long!  The zips also were from my stash as was the magnetic catch and compressed dacron.

While this is not the most exciting of projects, I have ended up with a very useful and functional beach bag and used up some very old fabrics in the process.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

End of February Wrap Up


End of February Wrap Up

Vogue Linen Dress
Fabric $26.00
Zip $1.90
Lining (remnant from stash) $0.00
Pattern $15.00
Total $43.30

Thurlow Shorts
Pattern $0.00
Fabric $20.00
Zip $3.40
Buttons $0.00
Total $23.40

Papercut Flutter Top
Pattern $0.00
Fabric $3.00
Total $3.00

Total Me Made $69.70
Total RTW $0.00