One Last Summer Project

Yesterday while I was packing my swimming gear for a trip to the beach, I realised that I hadn't written about my beach bag.  

This bag was made for my post Christmas camping trip but every time I visited the beach I somehow managed to forget to take photos.  I also managed to forget to take photos yesterday, despite taking my camera and actually using it!  So today, before the summer sun disappeared for the season I decided it was time to actually take some photos, hence the garden shots.

There is not a lot to be said about this bag.  It is big, so accommodates plenty of towels, cameras, water bottles or whatever I choose to throw in at the last minute!  Ask my husband and he will tell you I pack too much.  I tend to think I am just well prepared!

The fabric is all from my stash and mainly left overs from other projects.  The blue lining is actually a waterproof nylon for wet towels and the likes.  The stripes are all heavy weight cottons which had either been bought for other projects or remnants.  I had a bit of a stripe  buying spree when my oldest son was small, for making shorts.  He is now 17, so these fabrics have sat around for far too long!  The zips also were from my stash as was the magnetic catch and compressed dacron.

While this is not the most exciting of projects, I have ended up with a very useful and functional beach bag and used up some very old fabrics in the process.


  1. A very practical and useful bag and beautifully sewn too. The waterproof lining is a brilliant idea for bringing home all the damp towels etc from the beach.

  2. Must be great to use such long stashed fabrics! Great bag.


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