Tessuti Meets New Look, Take Two

The first version of Tessuti Alice/New Look 6871 which I made for my Las Vegas holiday in August, was without a doubt my most successful make of the summer!  This top has been worn so much that I have just about worn it out.  It is no surprise then, that I was keen to make another. 

Once again my fabric of choice is rayon.  I like the way it drapes and it is quite hard wearing which suits me just fine.  This piece of fabric was bought from Backstreet Bargains.  This online shop is not quite new to me.  I have bought from them before through their Trademe store.  This piece of Rayon is not quite as nice as the piece I used for the previous version but still made up pretty nicely.

Like my previous top, I cut out my top using New Look but cut the neckline to match Tessuti Alice.  I then re-cut the armholes to match Tessuti Alice and added the sleeve bands.

 Despite it being autumn, it is still a very versatile addition to my wardrobe.  I can wear it with pants and a jacket to work and makes a great layering piece.  Our weather at this time of the year can vary from early teens in the morning to over 30 degrees in the afternoon, so layering is a necessity.


  1. Cute top. It's a great pairing of the two patterns Rayon is one of my favorites too.

    1. Thank you! Rayon seems to have a budget reputation but I do like the way it drapes and wears.


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