Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Out and About Undercover Hoodie

I made a new hoodie.  I usually make a new one each year and this year is no exception.  This time however, I didn't use Jalie 2795, but invested in a new pattern.  I did have to think long and hard about buying a new pattern especially given it is quite a simple style and I could have drafted up something from what I already have, but time being a scarce resource these days, I decided to buy a new one.  I am really happy with my Papercut Anima pattern so Papercut was an easy go to choice.  I bought Papercut Undercover Hoodie in PDF format despite Papercut being a New Zealand company and postage in theory being quite quick because I really couldn't be bothered either driving across town to pick up a copy at The Fabric Store or waiting for postage plus the PDF version is slightly cheaper.

The fabric I chose was an online purchase which I bought from Backstreet Bargains via Trademe.  Buying sight unseen is a slight gamble and although this fabric is lovely quality, the small downside is the lack of stretch.  I have never come across a sweatshirting that has no stretch before but you learn something new every day.  For this reason the resulting sweatshirt is a little more snug than I would like through the hips but it is still comfortable to wear despite this.  I lined the hood with a piece of cotton interlock from my stash and for the cord, I stole an idea from one of my teenage sons hoodies and used a long shoe lace that was a spare that came with a pair of sneakers.  The bonus with this particular lace is the metallic bling which gives the boring grey sweatshirt a bit of bling.

Please do not look to closely at me in the top photo.  This is what I look like after I have climbed from the bottom of the Port Hills to the Summit Road.  I try to walk this track once a week.   My Fitbit tells me it is 150 floors so I do look a little the worse for wear with no makeup and a hoodie on a warm day....keeping it real!  This track is quite exposed so when the autumn wind does decide to bite, I will be nice and toasty in my new hoodie.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Stylearc Taylor Knit Skirt

I was drawn to Stylearc's Taylor Knit Skirt as soon as it was released.  My attraction to all things stripes is starting to get out of control and although this asymmetrical stripe design is not to every ones taste it certainly had my attention.  I had some lovely striped ponti that I picked up from Backstreet Bargains which I immediately ear marked for this skirt and it was top of my list when my patterns arrived.  

I cut it out to a size 8 which was perhaps my first mistake.  I bought the wrong size.  I should have gone for a 10.  Working longer hours has resulted in a small amount of weight gain that I am yet to sort out, but has meant a jump in pattern size which I neglected to do.  My second mistake was ignoring the pattern instructions.  My fabric was one way stretch and cutting the stripes against the recommended stretch was not my wisest decision in hindsight.   I have ended up with a skirt that unless I do loose some weight is really too small, even with a long top!

In summary, this skirt is best described as a wearable fail.  Will I make it again?  Well I might, in the correct size and fabric.  I am not convinced though that midi skirts are my thing.  I am not a big wearer of high heeled shoes and I think unless you are very tall, which I am not, they are best worn with heels.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stylearc Kylie Knit Top

This is the top that nearly didn't happen.  I loved the line drawings and even the photo of the finished product but put the brakes on before the neck band went on.  

The fabric I chose to make it out of is a lovely weight cotton lycra from Fabric Vision which I picked up in a sale.  

I made it to a size 8 which was in hindsight the perfect size.  I did need to shorten it though, and did this to both layers before cutting the top out.  If I were to make it again, I probably wouldn't shorten the top layer.

So why did I have reservations?  Because my fabric was a beefy cotton lycra, I felt that the double layer was going to make the top too thick and cause the neckline not to sit properly.  Thankfully I was wrong!  I love the finished product and I am sure I will be grateful of the extra layer when autumn starts to bite.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dressed Up Trackies

There is really nothing new about the idea of using a track pants pattern designed for knits made in a woven.  I have done it before and with this exact pattern.  It was so successful last time, I was always going to do it again. The fabric was the catalyst for this pair.  I bought this bengaline with my Style Arc Elle pants haul but found once I received it, that it was too light to be made in my chosen style.  Ahh the perils of buying fabric online!  It was though, a happy accident because my current pair of Papercut Anima pants were the result and these have already become firm favourites.

The bengaline has one way stretch and this particular piece of bengaline was not quite as stretchy as some of the others.  I cut them out to the pattern and in hindsight I should have added perhaps 5mm-1cm to the side seams for a little more ease as these are a little more firm than I would like, but they do fit thankfully.  I was planning on adding an elastic band to the hem but decided they would be more work friendly without.

I have already worn these several times to work.  They make fantastic autumn pants and the colour means they will work equally well with boots when the weather turns.  For now though, they get worn either with sandals as seen here or brogues depending on the weather.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stylearc Maddison Top

I bought Stylearc Maddison shortly after it was released.  To test it out I decided to use some leftover stash fabric.  This fabric is a knit that I sourced from Cotura Fashions.  It is a lovely weight and I will be sorry when it is all gone.

I ordered a size 8 pattern but this pattern is designed to be quite a generous fit so I did end up running it in under the arms from memory a couple of centimetres.

I am really pleased with my completed top.  I don't actually own many tee shirts and after work and on weekends they are my weekend staples.  This tee will be a useful addition to my autumn casual wardrobe.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Vogue 1247 Version 10

It is no secret that Vogue 1247 is my go to pattern for straight and A line skirts.  To date, I have made 10 of these skirts so this pattern has well and truly earn't it's keep.  This version is without pockets and with the side seams straightened.

My latest version is made from a piece of Lincraft stretch cotton I purchased not this summer just gone but the previous summer.  It was purchased with this project in mind and at full price, not on sale, like most of my fabrics.  For that reason I only bought a scant half metre.  This mean't I needed to put a seam in the waistband but also mean't zero wastage.

I lined my skirt in a piece of op shop lining and added a vent to the back.  I didn't cut a vent in the lining due to fabric restrictions so the lining is not attached to the vent on one side.  It isn't quite as neat but only I know it is like that.

I found a rescue zip and a button in my stash.  I am really pleased with the resulting skirt an am quite pleased with my pattern matching down the centre back seam.

This skirt will work well as part of my autumn wardrobe.  It has a summery print but matches well with autumn colours.  For now I will wear it with sandals or shoes and bare legs but when the colds starts to bite it will work equally well with tights and boots. Another plus, is it is nice to have another long dwelling piece of fabric liberated from my stash.

These photos were taken on a cool, overcast morning at Easter, on the wharf in Akaroa.  I used the advantage of the early morning to avoid both boaties and tourists alike.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Stylearc Elle Pants Take Two

I knew there would be more of these Stylearc
Elle pants.  How could there not be!  They fit reasonably well and only take about an hour to run up!  I say reasonably well because I am yet to find a perfect pair of pants but aside from a few back creases these come pretty close.

purchased a mother load of bengaline fabric online from Backstreet Bargains a month or so back after a rush of blood to the head.  I don't know what I was thinking, as I have enough for around 10 pairs of pants!  The quality though is nice so I am sure in time it will all get used.

There really isn't a lot to say about these pants.  Once again I increased the back rise by 1.5cm and added 1cm to each of the side seams.  I removed 1cm from the width of the waistband to fit my stash elastic.  An hour later and the job was done.

 Will there be more?  Yup, there is bound to be!  I still have around 8 metres of bengaline and haven't yet made a black pair so watch this space!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

End of March Wrap Up

End of March Wrap Up

Beach Bag
All from stash
Total $0.00

Spot Rayon Top
Pattern (used before) $0.00
Fabric $17.63
Total $17.63

Burda Woven Tee
Pattern $16.00
Chiffon $2.00
Ribbing $2.00
Total $20.00

Burgundy Elle Pants
Fabric $11.64
Pattern $10.00
Elastic $0.00
Total $21.64

Liberty Blouse
Fabric $55.13
Pattern (used before) $0.00
Buttons (recycled) $0.00
Total $55.13

March Total $114.40

Total RTW $112.00