Bra Making

Part of my unspoken sewing plan for 2017 includes lingerie.  Why unspoken?  Well, I try not to put firm plans into place because sewing is my creative space and I don't want plans to stifle creativity.  

I have dabbled a little in the past using Kwik Sew 3300 which is OK, but without a really good pattern and the correct supplies, the results did not live up to my expectations so I reverted back to my meagre supply of chain store offerings. 

Prior to Christmas I bought 1 metre of bra foam from Pitt Trading in Sydney.  After making 3 versions of Closet Case Files Sophie Swimsuit, it was time to give bra making a second chance.  I did a bit of research into patterns and chose Makebra DL03 because of their online tutorial.  Makebra DL03 is described as "Demi-cup type, slightly uplifting bra, suitable also as strapless. Three part cup".  To be honest, I do prefer comprehensive written instructions, but this video make it look so easy.  

I bought the pattern and set about finding all of my notions.  The fabric was a remnant from my stash that had been there so long it was nearly putting down roots. The strap elastic and hooks were from a bulk lot I bought on Trademe several years ago.  The white elastic I bought directly from Cordall who manufacture it.  The under wires were harvested from an old bra and the lace an old tee shirt.  The rings and sliders were bought from Lingerie Findings NZ.  The fold over elastic was bought from Lincraft.

The bra was really easy to make using the online tutorial.  For a first  bra, I am really happy with it.  For my next one though, I will use narrower fold over elastic.

For the pants I used my tnt bikini bottoms pattern, McCall's 5400.  I narrowed the gusset slightly and made the elastic slightly tighter given I was using lingerie elastic.  I have lost track now how many times I have used this pattern.  Because the fabric allowed for it, I made two pairs of underwear.

It is nice to have new underthings and best of all I didn't have to go through the pain of shopping to do it!


  1. I agreed sewing is all about what you feel like sewing and not what a plan says. Your bra looks good, did you have to do much fluffing around with the fit? I made a soft cup bra and while it looked good on the dress form it was so ill fitting that I have never worn it, and never tried again.

    1. Nope! After a little fluffing round to get the initial size it fit right out of the packet! I think it is now my new favourite and fits better than my rtw versions.


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