Nautical Striped Tessuti Lola

While I was road testing my cover stitch machine after Christmas, I  made one more tee which I forgot to write a blog post about.  It has been sitting in my sewing room reminding me ever since.  I have worn it quite a bit as it happens because navy blue is a very practical colour to wear but each time I return it to my pile of unblogged items with good intentions.

The pattern I used is Tessuti Lola which is one of my favourites.  I used another piece of Backstreet Bargains cotton lycra which is my favourite fabric for tees.  I have another piece in a royal blue stripe in my stash to make up for next summer.

Because tomorrow is Anzac Day and a public holiday, I took the day between off work.  Today, I rode a section of the Lake Ellesmere bike trail with Courteney and while we were out, took advantage of both a lovely autumn day and the scenery to finally get a photo.

Photographic evidence that this did happen!  Here I am mid cycle,  just me and a few cows looking on for good measure.


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