End of July Wrap Up

 The first day of August today and my thoughts are starting to move from winter sewing to spring sewing.  Where I live, anything after the first of August is fair game for spring.  I suspect though, given it has been exceptionally cold this year and my daffodils are still a week or two away from flowering that spring is not going to show any time soon.  One thing I will be happy about with the onset of spring is saying goodbye to winter ills, after 2 weeks and counting of sickness myself and the lack of motivation that ensues.

I still have quite a few winter items to write about which explains the lack in this months wrap up.  A week spent skiing in Queenstown also put me a little behind on the blogging front.  It was however a good opportunity to get some photos with some rather stunning backgrounds, so much so, that the subject matter is getting swamped by natures beauty.  

Courteney has also been rather productive this winter and I have spent quite some time sharing my space, not that I am complaining!  She has rather got hooked on sewing and the extra practice is certainly showing in the quality of her output.  She has also managed to motivate me to make a few things I wouldn't have otherwise.

End of July Wrap Up

Amy Herzog Options Jumper
Wool $9.00
Pattern (free) $0.00
Total $9.00

McCall's 6992 in Merino
Fabric $30.00
Pattern (used before) $0.00
Total $30.00

Jalie 3245 in Merino
Fabric $0.00
Pattern $13.07
Total $13.07

Lingerie Set (missed from last month)
Pattern $22.00
Fabric $0.00
Notions $25.00
Total $47.00

Total July $99.07


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