Spring Green Landers

My culottes are firm favourites for work in spring  but sadly these are feeling a bit tight at the moment so while I shed the extra couple of kilos that have crept on over winter, I need an alternative.

True Bias Lander Pants caught my eye after they were released as they are more like wide leg pants than actual culottes and they looked very comfortable to wear.

To test the pattern, I decided to make a muslin using a piece of rather lovely soft brushed cotton drill that had been sitting in my stash since my oldest son was a toddler.  I actually made him a pair of overalls out of it that looked super cute on him.  The remaining fabric had been taking up cupboard space for 18 years, so it was time it was used.

To line the pockets, I found a piece of printed cotton poplin in my remnant basket that was left over from one of Courteney's projects.  I already had the jean buttons in my stash so this project ended up being a stash busting exercise.

I have to say this pattern was super easy to make up and to my surprise, the pants fit nicely straight out of the packet without any alterations.

I love these pants!  Wide leg pants may not be the most flattering, especially on a vertically challenged person such as myself, but they are soo comfortable!  I finished them before I went to USA when it was cold and I wore them with a merino and ankle boots.  Rather than put them away until next winter, I wanted to style them for spring.  Worn with a tee and sneakers they make a super comfortable  Saturday option, perfect for popping down to the supermarket, or as I did today, for mooching around the house and picking my son (the overall wearing one) up from the airport.  

Please excuse the strapping tape featuring in these photos, I had a shoulder versus ski field situation a couple of weeks before my holiday and the strapping tape is an unfortunate consequence.  Why physiotherapists use strapping tape in bright colours I don't know but I haven't had skin toned strapping tape yet!


  1. Great looking pants. I think green can be worn in either winter or spring. Such a coincidence. Earlier this week I was looking through a box of denim, also from when I was sewing pants for my sons long ago, and found a lovely piece of green denim much the same color as your pants. Inspired by your lovely pants, I might be making a pair of green jeans for myself.


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