Lockdown Knitting

During Easter 2019, I began knitting Nogat by Justyna Lorkowska using some lovely wool cashmere I bought online.  Now this wool Cashmere was a bit of a gamble because I did not buy it from a reputable seller, but when it arrived I was pretty happy with it.  It smelt like wool, which may sound a bit strange but it had that sheep lanolin smell that you get when you are out in the country.  I was pretty convinced that the claims on the website were legit.  My inspiration was the lovely soft light as a feather knit wear I was seeing pop up in ready to wear.

Because the wool is 4 ply, I knew that this pullover was going to be quite the commitment.  I love double knit for the speed of knitting but often find it just too warm to wear and also a little casual for the office environment.  4 ply knits up tighter and more machine like and has warmth without weight.

I really enjoyed knitting this project.  I am not a quick knitter and do not tend to devote vast blocks of time to my knitting.  You could say I have quite the short attention span for sitting in general, so my project was done in one hour increments over a year.  I was determined to finish this project by Easter this year, and lock down proved the perfect opportunity to realise this.

I love the resulting pullover and know it will get worn a lot over winter.  I have an old cardigan in 4 ply that I am currently eyeing up to frog so that I can make a second version.  I think that in itself is a good recommendation for this pattern.  Maybe this time next year, I will be posting my next Nogat!


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