I did say there would be more.....

Courteney is not really a dress wearer so I was very surprised when she asked for a dress like my navy blue racer back in my last post.  We went shopping in search of fabric and she chose a lovely black knit with a fine rib with the stability and feel almost of rugby knit for the top and a lovely soft cotton print with a pink and purple rose print on a black background for the skirt.  It is a really feminine print for a girl who is usually more comfortable on the sports field than parading around in a dress.  Because the dress has a racer back, it has rather a sporty feel so perfect for the sporty girl.   She now has a total of 2 dresses in her wardrobe, quite a milestone because I don't think she has had this many since she was 6 years old.   It is really nice to be making girly things for her again.  She is not quite ready to have her face plastered across my blog though, hence the headless shots. 

I would have liked to have a photo of the racer back but unfortunately that picture came up with an error message when I was downloading it.....darn!



  1. This is a lovely dress on both you and your daughter, and the two versions look very different. What a great use of the pattern.


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