With only a few more days left to spend with my kids before they head back to school, I have put my sewing projects on hold.   My youngest starts back at primary school next Wednesday and his older brother starts high school for the very first time on the same day with his sister following at the same school next Friday.  Every day I am reminded of the fact that my kids are growing up fast so I am taking every opportunity to spend time with them and the last few weeks have been all about picnics and swimming and today was no exception.  With the sun shining and not a breath of wind and the mercury climbing to 30 deg it was perfect beach weather, not to hot to sit on the sand and not to cold to have an excuse not to brave the ocean temperature.  Much to my kids amusement, today, I went boogie boarding.  I thought I did remarkably well but apparently I failed epically.  Never mind, it was a fantastic day.

Yesterday, in an attempt to kick start my sewing mojo, I popped into the op shop to see what had come in since my last visit in the way of fabric, and what do you know, this little lot above followed me home.  There is a good selection of linen, wool suiting,  sweat shirting, nylon Lycra, crushed satin and some woven cottons for good measure.  The best part about this haul though, is a beautiful piece of England made Mohair/Wool blend fabric.  It is fabulous and seriously good quality fabric.  I can't wait to make this into something special but for now the floral cotton piece is my starting point.


  1. That is a huge stash injection, and in some great colours for winter...


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