Boylston Set

The best fitting bra I have made to date is my black one, which for the record I still wear, but I nevertheless have some concerns over the coverage.  My rtw bras are plunge bras that actually come up higher and I feel give more support.  Because Makebra DL03 comes in a maximum of 3 sizes and I had made the largest of what I had purchased,  I chose to try a different style and bought the very popular Orange Lingerie Boylston, which is a multi sized pattern.  

I bought enough bits and bobs from Lingerie Findings NZ to make two bras, so there will be another in the pipeline soon.   The chanelling and foam both came from Pitt Trading and I bought a ton of it so will not be running out any time soon. I initially bought the wrong wires and Lynda of Lingerie Findings was very helpful, letting me return the ones I had initially ordered.

The fabric I used was a long time stash resident that came from the op-shop.  The lace was taken from this top made way back in 2012 and I know longer wore.  You could say this is a bit of an upcycling project!

The measurements given for sizing with this bra were quite accurate but I did find I needed to go up a cup size.  I had already made a muslin of the cups so this wasn't an issue.  Having made bras previously, I found this quite simple to put together.

For the underwear, I used a frankenpattern of the Watson briefs which I made to go with my black set mentioned earlier, and McCall's 5400, which has been now used more times than I care to count.  I think the resulting undies are the best I have made yet.

Will I use this pattern again?  Definitely, in fact I see lots of possibilities with this one!  Aside from the fun factor of making them up, I really enjoy the scrap busting element of finding leftover fabrics in my stash that can be redeployed as a useful item of clothing.


  1. Lingerie sewing is fun, isn't it. SO great to have a well fitting pattern that you can use over and over.

    1. It certainly is on both counts. I am looking forward to making many more.

  2. Those undies are the best...


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