Burdastyle 04/2013 On Repeat

There are some styles that are destined to always be on repeat and Burdastyle 04/2013 is one such pattern.  What I like about it is the easy summer styling.  It is loose in fit without falling into sack category and is really cool to wear.  Cool to wear was somewhat essential during summer this year and I quickly ran out of options so using a piece of op shop embroidered linen and this tried and true pattern I ran up this dress.

The dress is basically A line in shape with bust darts, a bias finish neckline and keyhole button back, although I used a hook and eye closure.  I did make this version slightly looser than my previous version both because I had put on a little weight since making the last one and also because being a linen, I didn't want the dress to be stretched in any way when wearing and bag out.  Somehow I have ended up with a less generous armhole and wider across the upper chest as well and I am not sure how that happened but given this is a work dress, I am not entirely unhappy about it either.

To make the bias trim, I simply cut some stretch cotton fabric from my scrap basket.  Because it is stretch, I didn't even need to cut it on the bias.

This dress has been finished now for over a month and has been worn quite a bit in that time.  The weather has cooled off and I suspect the real heat won't be back until next summer now.  While I am enjoying the cooler nights and planning my autumn and winter wardrobe it does always make me a bit sad when I think about packing away my summer clothes because summer is my favourite season.


  1. love it - perfect summer dress. looks great on you

  2. I've had that dress on my 'make' list for a while but this is the first time I've seen it made up.


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