Zadie Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are one of those clothing items I swore I would not buy into.  I had one a few years ago that I got rid of because I found the whole wearing of it impractical so it came as a surprise that I have now made two this spring/summer and I love them both.  The first was Deer and Doe Sirocco which I love but is too warm for summer and now the Zadie Jumpsuit.  Actually it is really no surprise because both have been extremely popular patterns.

I have been watching the Zadie Jumpsuit pattern with interest since it was released and haven't actually seen a version that I did not like.  I have read though that some people need to make a few alterations to make it work.  I looked into the pattern and realised that it is drafted for someone who is 170cm tall.  I am 160cm tall.  I figured that I could probably print the pattern at 94% and avoid most of the common alterations, so this is what I did.

I was going to dive straight in and make my first version out of a lovely piece of linen that I had acquired for the purpose but at the last minuted decided to make a wearable muslin out of a piece of ink navy/black crepe fabric that I picked up at the op shop quite a few years back now.  It is the same fabric that my first jumpsuit was made of.  It must have been quite a large piece of fabric.

The only alteration I made after my 94% hack was to lengthen the ties to the largest size because these had also been subject to the 94% hack.  To find my size, I took the pattern measurements and converted them to 94% of the listed size.  I used my hip measurement because that is my largest and allowed some sitting ease, from memory about 10cm, and chose my size based on that.

The jumpsuit was really quick to make up, although sewing it at night slowed the process down, even though I have my new fancy led strip light above my machines.  Don't even get me started on unpicking this colour at night, which is what I had to do when my bodice and pants pleats didn't line up.  Okay, strictly speaking I didn't have to and in reality because it would be covered by the belt when worn, not actually seen, but I could see it and some things just can't be unseen.  I knew that this little annoyance would bother me so I took the time to do it properly.

The best thing about my new jumpsuit, apart from the fact that it fits like a dream, is being crepe, no wrinkles!  I am still on the fence about making a linen one because I have discovered over the summer that I really don't like linen pants!  Yes, you heard it here first!  My linen Pietra Pants annoy the heck out of me!  They really only look good for the first 10 minutes after being laundered/ironed. For that reason that have been relegated to at home pants.  I  now need to decide whether I really want to use my lovely linen fabric for a jumpsuit at all.

Pattern $27.73
Fabric (remnant) $0.00
Total $27.73


  1. that's a clever idea about printing at a smaller scale. this pattern is definitely oversized. your jumpsuit looks great and the fabric is a perfect choice.

    1. Thanks Beth! It is actually really comfortable to wear as well so I think this one is a keeper.

  2. I love how this jumpsuit looks on you. I think crepe was the perfect fabric. I get sucked into the allure of linen, but also find I don't wear linen garments, well except for gardening and painting.

    1. I am pleased I am not the only one with a limited tolerance to linen.


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