Stylearc Ariana Version 2

 I had a piece of gorgeous cotton poplin with a large scale embroidered panel down the side in my stash that I bought at Annah Stretton.  I, for some reason, only ordered 2 metres which mean't I was quite limited with what I could make.  I really wanted to make this up this summer but was really scratching my head trying to find a suitable pattern.  It was after my first successful  Ariana Sundress that I hatched a plan to use the fabric to make another.  

The skirt on the Ariana was a small issue because it is slightly A line and has an ever so slightly curved hem.  I decided to use the fabric and risk the straight hem not looking odd as I really just couldn't get the dress in this fabric out of my head.

Because the bodice of the dress doesn't use much fabric, I actually had a size able piece left over after cutting out the bodice so rather than line the dress in self fabric, I had a rummage around in my bag of business shirts and found a plain black cotton shirt that was perfect for lining.  For this dress, I didn't want to add patch pockets but did want to include pockets and so used the remainder of the shirt to make inseam pockets using a template I downloaded off the Internet.

Once again I held my breath while making all 16 of the buttonholes.  Fortunately my machine decided to play nice which was of particular concern when making buttonholes on the white embroidered sections.  There really was no room for error here!  I chose plain black shirt buttons because the fabric is quite busy and I really didn't want the buttons to stand out.

This dress was intended to be my Christmas Day dress but the day dawned overcast with a cool wind so I shelved the idea for another option.  It has so far remained unworn but I still love it as much as the idea in my head so it will get worn, it is just a matter of when.

Pattern (used before) $0.00

Fabric $23.55
Lining (upcycled) $0.00
Buttons (from stash) $0.00
Total $23.55


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