Burdastyle 07/2019 112 Swimsuit

 As the weather starts heating up my thoughts move to summer makes.  I have quite the collection of swimwear fabric so I like to add a new suit each season.  This year I had my eye on Burdastyle 07/2019 112.  There are very few reviews of this pattern which seems to be the case with a lot of Burdastyle patterns.  Do we all just buy these patterns for the pictures or am I just looking in the wrong place?  Anyway, the reviews I did find seemed to be all positive and this pattern just looked good on everyone.

I had a piece of Liberty swim that I bought in 2017 as a birthday present to myself.  I loved the print and really just had to have it.  The problem I have with purchases like this though, is I am terrified of cutting into it so I didn't make it up.  I think I had the Burdastyle pattern earmarked since the pattern came out and it took a couple of summers before I decided use my Liberty for this suit.  Because of my worries with the pattern though, I decided I needed to make it up with some fabric I cared a little less about.

The fabric I chose for my test version was left over from a suit I made way back in 2015 and I had originally purchased from Spandex House.  I love the print but it is extremely loud and quite different to what I would choose now.  It was perfect for a wearable trial.

With Burdastyle patterns, I tend to span two sizes; my hips being a size larger than my bust and waist so when I traced out my pattern this is exactly what I did.

Because I didn't want to invest too much money in a suit, I wasn't sure would fit, I tried to use fabric and notions from my stash.  I had a piece of plain nylon lycra in blue that wasn't a perfect match colour wise but wasn't a bad match so this became my bodice lining. The bodice has a cut on tie that requires a fabric that is pleasing to the eye because it is visible when worn.  The lower body of the suit isn't visible so regular swim lining was fine to use.  I find it is quite difficult to source so when I find suitable fabrics in my travels I make sure to snap them up.  

I already had a swim hook in my stash and I had bought a bulk lot of rubber swim elastic earlier in the year with this project in mind.  I also had swim cups in my stash because I tend to raid these from bras before I thrown them out so had quite a good collection of shaped foam to choose from.  The pattern didn't actually stipulate swim cups but I tend to put them in all of my suits.

I did need to do a bit of fitting and unpicking with this pattern because I found it too loose under the arms and around the back.  I ended up removing 1.5cm from each side grading out to nothing.  I have since altered my paper pattern to reflect this.  I also found that the crotch width was narrower than I am used to so I increased this on my paper pattern as well for future versions.

To construct the suit, I mainly used my overlocker.   I added a narrow strip of elastic under the cutout and reduced the size of it slightly because I just found it too big for my liking. I also added a narrow piece of swim elastic to the front v seam to stop it stretching out.  My suits are used for swimming and not just a bit of beach lounging so I wanted to make sure there really are no wardrobe malfunctions.  The elastic was attached with my overlocker and then topstitched with a narrow zig zag stitch on my sewing machine.

Now like most sewists, I really am not comfortable photographing my swimwear worn and doing it on a beach load of people is just a bit much so I tend to try to visit very early or very late.  These photos were taken at 8 o'clock in the morning and I thought I would have the beach to myself.  Turns out I did not!  I had one elderly man drop his towel right beside my tripod and then ask me what sort of shot I was trying to get.  When I moved further down the beach, a lady wandered out of her holiday home with a cup of coffee and casually sat on a rock watching the proceedings.  At this point I just threw my hands in the air and took the photos anyway.  After all, I am never going to see these people again.  In the first photo if you zoom right in you can just spot the coffee drinker.  I doubt she realises that her photograph is going out to the sewing world.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the Liberty version. I looked back at the photos to see the coffee drinker, when I spotted the two kayakers in the first picture!. Thanks for the laugh today!

    1. Yup, they were everywhere that day! I was surprised that I managed to get some half decent photos out of it!

    2. Ahh, it is amazing I managed to get half decent photos out of it!

  2. great wearable test version and lovely beach photos. yes it's strange to take blog photos with other people around but these are great


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