Burdastyle Wrap Dress


My latest Minerva Ambassador make is using some lovely stretch cotton jersey knit that was gifted to me in exchange for a post.

I was so pleased when I received this fabric in the mail.  It is lovely quality and so pretty in the small pink floral on navy background.  I was determined to do this fabric justice.  I must admit it did sit in my fabric stash over Christmas while I decided what I was going to make it into.  Usually I have at least some idea when I order and this time was no different.  I had in mind a knit wrap dress but I wasn't sure quite which pattern I wanted to use.

I was still debating the whole wrap dress situation, when into my social media feed popped the most lovely version of Burdastyle 03/2021 110.  The only issue I had was it was one of the few issued I hadn't bought.  I did a quick internet search and couldn't find the magazine anywhere, although I could buy the pattern from Burdastyle's website.  I then had the bright idea to try my local library.  I was in luck because they had that issue in stock.  I just had to wait a couple of weeks for it to be returned by another borrower.

When I was finally able to get my hands on a copy, I had the pattern traced out the same day.

There are actually only 5 pieces to this pattern; a back, two fronts, sleeves, a collar band and the ties so tracing the pattern turned out to be not too painful for a Burdastyle pattern.  It also made for pretty quick construction.  

The entire dress was constructed using my overlocker.  I used my coverstitch to hem the sleeves and for hemming the front wrap of the skirt and the skirt hem.

The dress was actually a pretty quick make all in all and I am really pleased with the finished dress.  I chose to shorten the sleeves.  Instead of the long sleeves as drafted, I made mine into a cap sleeve.  The pattern is designed for petites so at 160cm tall, I fall into that category, just, which meant there were no alterations to get it to fit.  Even the skirt length was perfect which is totally unheard of.

Would I make this dress again...absolutely!  In this lovely jersey, it is a dream to wear so I am now on the lookout for another equally lovely fabric to make another version.


  1. that looks fantastic, so pretty. and I didn't think the line drawing was very inspiring but in real life it looks great. might have to try that one. Also it would be a nice as top.

    1. I didn't either! This pattern is a definite keeper!

  2. My library doesn't carry Burda mag anymore and it's unfortunate!

    I love this dress and it's very pretty in that fabric!

    1. That is a shame! I do recommend this one.


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