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Whitmoor Sweater

It is very unusual for me to make more than one knitted garment a year but in the last year I have managed two.  I had no sooner finished my last project, than I came across the Whitmoor Sweater by Ami Lowden .  It is unusual for me to become quite so obsessed by a knitting pattern but this is exactly what happened.  Fortunately I had the perfect wool in my stash.  I had previously bought some Lincraft Cosy Wool in an end of year sale a few years back for next to nothing so it was perfect to trial a new pattern.  I don't usually make wearable knitting muslins but at the same time, I don't spend large amounts on unknown patterns. This pattern actually looks more complicated than it really is and it didn't take long to commit the stitch repeats to memory.  The patterned section only extends down the yoke and about 5cm down the front and sleeve but the remainder is stocking stich so this was pretty quick even accounting for my very slow knitting progress. I really like this pu

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