Moving On

I seem to have lost my mojo for summer sewing.  I am not sure if it is because it is the last week of the school holidays and hubby has just gone back to work this morning or because yesterday was wet and cold complete with a thunderstorm or perhaps I just have enough summer clothing to satisfy my needs.  Add to that, a distinct lack of fabric that catches my imagination in my stash, and sewing funk has set in.  Perhaps a visit to the fabric store is in order to stock up on some transeasonal fabrics. 

We are only half way through summer but like a boy scout, I do like to be prepared and my autumnal wardrobe is sadly lacking.  I tend to have summer clothing and winter clothing and nothing in between.  I have got some really good patterns up my sleeve though.  I usually stare clear of Vogue patterns because they are exorbitantly expensive but when they recently had an online sale, I couldn't help myself.

Now you would think I would find some sewing inspiration out of this lot wouldn't you!


  1. I've had the same problem and was so tempted to spend up big in the online sale - but I restrained myself, I like your selections especially the seccond last one.


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