Can You SPOT her?

This project was actually one I completed late last year.  It is a really soft white and black dalmatian print cotton elastin that lent itself beautifully to New Look 6648.  I have just about done this pattern to death, but these tops are my go to tees this year.  This tee and it's counterparts have been really stylish and useful additions to my wardrobe.  The only difference between this particular version and it's mates is that I made the sleeve opening slightly smaller.  I found with the other tops, as much as I love them, that every time I lift my arms, I show a lovely view of my bra down the armhole, hence the alteration.

Today, I am wearing my bat wing spot version tee with the denim skirt I wrote about the other day, for a spot of dog walking in the park.  It was a little short lived though because shortly after this photo was taken I spotted a large black rain cloud with was then followed by spots of rain.  I decided then to cut our walk short and head home for a spot of afternoon tea.  Oh....and by the way.....did you spot my dog, zero, taking a dip in the pond!


  1. Very nice - every time I see a top you've made from this pattern I really like it, it might be time to get my own copy!

  2. Really nice casual top . I could imagine so many variations on this version.

  3. I think I may have just about exhausted all of the variations of this top but there just may be one more winter version left this space!

  4. It is such a pretty alternative to a t shirt, you've made great use of this pattern.


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