The Sad Little Beige Dress That Could

Remember this dress?  I wrote about it here.  It was the reason I bought Burda Style magazine and supposed to be THE dress for summer in my wardrobe.  Sadly it hasn't worked out like that and this dress hasn't made the favourites rotation.  I like to have all of my clothes worn regularly and this dress hanging in my wardrobe, unworn, was quite a sad sight.  The problem, I think is the colour of the dress.  I love muddy beige's and browns but sometimes they just don't like me and this dress is in one of the unlikeable beige's.  It washed the colour out of my skin incredibly despite the bright red piped trim, it still wasn't enough to lift the beige.  Yesterday, it was all too much for me so I just had to work out a way to add it to my autumn rotation.   Ahhhh...much better.  The red tee shirt, black leggings, black belt and ballet flats lift this dress to a whole new level I think.  This just may be a regular in my autumn wardrobe rotation and even a good option for a cooler summers day like yesterday morning was.  Now....what else can I reinvent!


  1. That dress does look really good worn like that. I think the belt makes a huge difference! Are you really getting leggings and Tshirt weather already? Wow, we are still in the mid 30's... And probably still will be for a few months!

  2. Four seasons in one day describes our weather at the moment. Yesterday morning I got up to grey and the promise of rain. At 16 deg it was decidedly cool but by the time I had hung my washing out, I was already regretting my clothing choice because the sun was out and the temperature was just nudging 28 deg.


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