End Of September Wrap Up

I am getting a little behind with my posting at the moment.  I have a couple of projects all ready to load once I have the photographs. 

There have been a couple of kid projects amongst this months total but as usual I haven't included the costings below.

End of September Wrap Up

Linen A Line Skirt
Fabric $2.00
Pattern $0.00
Zip $1.27
Lining $6.99
Total $10.26

Navy Mandy Boat Neck
Fabric $1.99
Pattern $0.00
Total $1.99

Aqua Spot Set
Fabric $2.00
Elastic $12.00
Pattern $0.00
Bra Hooks $12.25
Total $26.25

Ski Pants
Pattern $0.00
Zip (from stash) $0.00
Snaps (from stash) $0.00
Fabric (from stash) $0.00
Total $0.00

Red & Navy Dress
Pattern $12.00
Fabric $12.00
Total $24.00

Grey Merino Boat Neck
Fabric $12.00
Pattern (used before) $0.00
Total $12.00

Total For September $74.50

RTW Purchases $60.00


  1. You are always so thrifty with your sewing projects - the meantime I feel like I spend a fortune on patterns and fabric - because I can't pass up a good sale!

    1. I am trying to stash bust but adding to my stash happens all to regularly as well.

  2. Love all the makes, especially the red top and black skirt (here is where I embarrass myself by possibly describing the wrong outfit!) that I'm guessing your daughter is wearing? :)

    1. Yup that is my daughter but she is wearing a skater dress made using kitschy koo skater dress pattern.


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