Spot On

Obvious puns aside, that is exactly how I would describe my latest trouser offering, although if I was going to be completely critical, they could have done with being slightly more snug around the waist.  Oh well, there are worse things in life than wearing a belt!

Once again I have used my altered Sewaholic Thurlow pattern but this time I added 2cm to the back rise, which makes the back side of my pants sit far nicer.  You will just have to take my word for this because I draw the line at close up shots of my derriere!

The fabric I chose is a stretch cotton canvas that I picked up at a recent Lincraft half off end of season sale.  Lucky for me, they had some new seasons fabric in at the time.  This fabric is fantastic.  I wish it came in different prints and sold colours but their floral was just a little over the top for pants for my liking.

So what now?  Well, now that I have a comfortable and flattering tnt pants pattern, there will be more making an appearance.  As much as I like making skirts and dresses, actually pants suit my lifestyle and our fickle weather conditions for three quarters of the year more!  Oh, and I am still debating whether I need to add a little more fullness in the back to accommodate my athletic calves (not my words, that is what the pattern drafting sites call them)


  1. Catching up on blog reading and can't believe no one has comments on your new pants. Congrats on achieving the holy grail of perfect pants.

  2. I love your pants - the fit is great. And the fabric - I just bought some of the same at a Lincraft sale yesterday!! Naturally i love it!! Cheers, Karen


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