Totally Inappropriate!

I was actually guilted (I don't think there is such a word) into it!  There have been a flurry of southern hemisphere ufo knitting projects popping up on my news feed.  I got an attack of the guilts and pulled out my own winter knitting project and did just that, completed it as inappropriate as it is for summer!  

This jersey is made using Oki Boucle Mohair which I picked up at Lincraft's half off end of season sale, last year.  It is made in Turkey.  Other than that, I don't know a lot about it, except it is variegated which appealed to me.  My initial plan was a cosy over sized cabled number to wear with  jeans and boots in the winter.  My daughter had a lovely over sized wool jersey/jumper that she bought in the menswear department in Country Road and this was my inspiration.

I started out with a cabled pattern, but quickly realised that this would get lost in the variegated fluffiness of the yarn so unraveled it and started again.  What I ended up with was a reasonably loose fitting dropped shoulder design with a crew neck that I made up as I went along.  It wasn't a difficult design.  I made dozens of these in the 80's.  The recipe is simple.  Cast on 100 stitches, an inch or so of rib and continue until it reaches the desired length to the armpits in 4mm needles.  See, I have done this soooo many times it is stuck in my head, like a constantly repeated favourite recipe.

When I arrived home from work in the rain the other day, I jumped at the opportunity to photograph it.  I wasn't about to drag out boots and winter coloured jeans however, so set about styling it in more seasonable colours.  Hey presto, I think this just about works.  My daughter told me I look nice, so maybe it does!  Wearing this is like being wrapped up in a big teddy bear and since it was raining, I opted to stay this way for the rest of the day!


  1. If your daughter tells you that you look nice, just go with it!


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