Elephants & Spiders

"One elephant went out to play 
Upon a spiders web one day 
He had such enormous fun 
That he called for another elephant to come. "

A strange heading, I know, and you may be wondering what the two can possibly have in common!  Well, summer arrived in Canterbury, finally, on Saturday.  My husband had been waxing lyrical about the lovely summer weather in Sydney the previous weekend when he was working there and I had been wondering if any of that lovely summer weather was ever coming our way!

Because this weekend was anniversary weekend, and Saturday was perfect beach weather, we grabbed the opportunity to do a little fishing, torpedo style.  We caught this rather impressive elephant fish.

Now, this post is not about elephants or spiders per se, but actually my new shorts.  I was in need of a pair of shorts that would take me from the shops to the beach as the need arose, without feeling half dressed.  In fact, that is exactly what these shorts did on Saturday, a quick trip to the fabric shop for supplies on my way to said fishing spot.

Once again Sewaholic Thurlow came to the rescue.  I used my redrafted 7/8th length version and widened the legs slightly to achieve the slim legged shorts version.   They are made of white stretch denim from Cotura Fashions.  White is a very versatile colour choice for matching but not so for practicality.  I admit, I am not very good at keeping anything white clean.

I am wearing a very classic combination today of my new white shorts with my black Burda Style tee which I wrote about but didn't photograph in situ.

I am happy to report, that the ugly elephant fish barbequed up beautifully and since it was a lovely warm night to eat outdoors, the boys got busy in the kitchen and whipped up a refreshing coke spider desert!


  1. What a fun weekend! It must be great to live so close to the beach:)

    1. We are about half an hour away from the beach which is quite a distance by our standards!


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